This is the script for The Irelanders Meets Coco.

[The film begins with the Disney and Pixar logos before showing a trail of marigold petals which lead to a grave where a man uses a candle to light another candle as the camera pans up to the sky. Disney presents, a Pixar Animation Studios film, in association with Young Irish Film Makers. We pan up to a bunting where the film's title: "The Irelanders Meets Coco" appears on one of the flags. We then pan through the O in the flag as male voice starts to narrate]

Miguel: Sometimes, I think I'm cursed. Cause it's something that happened before I was even born. See, a long time ago, there was this family. The Papa, he was a musician. He and his family would sing and dance and count their blessings. But he also had a dream: to play for the world. And one day, he left with his guitar. And never returned. And the mama, she didn't have time to cry over that walkly musician. After banishing all music from her life, she found a way to provide for her daughter. She rolled up her sleeves and she learned to make shoes. 

[We then view a pinata]

Miguel: She could've made candy or, or fireworks or sparkly underwear for wrestlers but no. She chose shoes. Then she taught her daughter to make shoes. And later, she taught her son-in-law. Then her grand-kids got roped in. As her family grew, so did the business. Music had torn her family apart. But shoes held them all together. You see that woman was my great-great grandmother. Mama Imelda, she died way before I was born. But my family still tells her story and every year on Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. And her little girl, she's my great grandmother, Mama Coco. 

[We view Mama Coco as Miguel Rivera comes in]

Miguel Rivera: Hola, Mama Coco. [kisses her] 

Mama Coco: How are you, rijo? 

Miguel: Actually, my name is Miguel. Mama Coco has trouble remembering things but it's good to talk to her anyway. So I tell her pretty much everything. 

[We view Miguel telling Mama Coco various things]

Miguel: I used to run like this, but now I run like this cause it's way faster. [in a wrestler's outfit] And the winner is... Locho Maro Coco! And the dimple on this side is not on this side. Dimple, no dimple. Dimple, no dimple.

Elena: Aye, Miguel. Eat your food.

Miguel: (narrating) My abuelita, she's Mama Coco's daughter. 

Elena: Aw, you're a twig, mijo. Have some more. 

Miguel: No, gracias. 

Elena: I ask if you would like more tamales.

Miguel: Si? 

Elena: That's what I thought you said. 

[Elena then positions the picture correctly on the shrine]  

Miguel: Abuelita runs our house just like Mama Imelda did. 

[Elena turns to see Miguel blowing into an empty bottle rhythmically and grabs it from him] 

Elena: No music! 

[A Pizza Planet truck drives by the house but Elena shuts the window]

Elena: No music! 

[Some band members walk along playing together] 

Band members: [singing in Spanish] 

Elena: No music! 

[The band members run off]  

Miguel: I think we're the only family in Mexico who hates music.

[We view the family making shoes] 

Miguel: And my family's fine with that. But, me... 

Luisa: Be back by lunch, mijo. 

Miguel: [grabbing a box like sachel] Love you, Mama. 

[Miguel exits the house and runs off] 

Miguel: I'm not like the rest of my family. 

Old Woman: Hola, Miguel. 

Miguel: Hola. 

[Miguel plays an imaginary guitar with some musicians before running. He then grabs a piece of food from a stall man]

Miguel: Mucheas Gracias! 

Stall Man: De nada, Miguel! 

[Miguel drums on some toys and knocks over a bin from which a dog named Dante appears] 

Dante: (barking) 

Miguel: Hey, Dante! [Dante falls out of the bin and does tricks] Sit. Down. Roll over. Shake. Fist bump. [throws the food in the bin for Dante] Good boy, Dante! 

[Miguel continues to run through the streets] 

Miguel: I know. I'm not supposed to love music. But it's not my fault. It's his. Ernesto de la Cruz. The greatest musician of all time. 

[We see a group of people taking photos of Ernesto's statue]

Tour Guide Woman: And here in this very plaza, the young Ernesto de la Cruz took his first steps to becoming the most beloved singer in Mexican history. 

Miguel: He started out a total nobody from Santa Cecilia, like me. But when he played music, he made people fall in love with him. He started movies, he had the coolest guitar, he could fly! And he wrote the best songs. But my all time favourite, it's...

[We view Ernesto on an escalator]

Ernesto de la Cruz: Remember me~ 

Chorus: Remember me~

Ernesto: Though I have to say goodbye~

Remember me~ 

Chrous: Remember me~

Ernesto: Don't let it make you cry~

For even if I'm far away~

I hold you in my hand~

And sing a secret song to you each night we are apart~

Remember me~

Chrous: Remember me~

Ernesto: Though I have to travel far~

Remember me~ 

Chorus: Remember me~

Ernesto: Each time you hear a sad guitar~

Know that I will do the only way that I can be~

Until you're in my arms again~ 

Miguel: He lived the kind of life you'd dream about.

Ernesto: Remember me~ 

[A man listening accidentally slips and a rope slips from his hand, causing a bell to fall on Ernesto, crushing him] 

Miguel: Until 1942. When he was crushed by a giant bell. 

[We cut back to Miguel looking at the statue] 

Miguel: I wanna be just like him. 

[Miguel runs through a cemetery and looks into a building at the guitar] 

Miguel: Sometimes, I look at de la Cruz and I get this feeling like we're connected somehow. Like if he could play music, maybe someday I could too. If it wasn't for my family. 

Connor Lacey: Oh, so sorry to hear that, Miguel. 

Miguel: Oh. I didn't see you guys there. Who are you? 

Connor Lacey: I'm Connor Lacey. 

Twilight Sparkle: My name is Princess Twilight Sparkle, ruler of Equestria. 

Kim Possible: I'm Kim Possible. 

Mewtwo: I am Mewtwo.

Lightning McQueen: I'm Lightning McQueen. Ka-Chow!

Dusty Crophopper: Dusty. Dusty Crophopper.

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: I'm Bob Parr. Otherwise known as Mr. Incredible!

Melody: I'm Melody.

Jack Skellington: I'm Jack Skellington. The Pumpkin King. [pulls a scary face]

Miguel: Whoa!

Jack Skellington: Sorry. Couldn't help it. 

Jiminy Cricket: Cricket's the name, Jiminy Cricket.

Buzzie: I'm Buzzie. 

Aisling: I'm Aisling. 

Good Fairy: I'm the Good Fairy. 

Dora: Soy Dora. 

Martin Kratt: I'm Martin Kratt. 

Chris Kratt: I'm his brother, Chris Kratt. 

Captain Jake: Captain Jake of the Never Land Pirates. 

Kion: I'm Kion. Leader of the Lion Guard. 

Razer: I am Razer. A former member of the Red Lanterns and currently a member of the Blue Lanterns. 

Hiro: I am Hiro. The Master of the Railway. 

Paxton: I'm Paxton. 

Mushu: I'm Mushu. This is Cri-Kee.

Cri-Kee: (chitters) 

Elsa: I'm Elsa, former Queen of Arendelle and currently the Ice Spirit of the Enchanted Forest. 

Korra: I'm Korra the Avatar. 

Starlight Glimmer: I'm Starlight Glimmer. 

Raven Queen: I'm Raven Queen. 

The Mask: I am best known as the Mask. 

Iago: I'm Iago. 

Discord: I am Discord, the Lord of Chaos. 

Sunset Shimmer: I'm Sunset Shimmer. 

Capper: Capper's the name, charming's my game. 

Zazu: I'm Zazu. Royal majordoro to Simba, king of the Pride Lands. 

Manolo: My name is Manolo Sanchez. 

Maria: I'm Maria Posada. 

Joaquin: My name is Joaquin! Son of Captain Mondragon! 

Irelanders: We're the Irelanders! 

Miguel: Nice to meet you.

Aviva Corcovado: We're very sorry about your family's hatred for music. 

Miguel: It's not your faults. That's just the way my family is so... [sighs] I just have to deal with it unfortunately. 

Guitar Player: Ay-yi-yi, muchacho. 

Miguel: Huh? 

Guitar Player: I asked for a shoe shine not your life story. 

Miguel: Oh, yeah. Sorry. I just can't really talk about any of this at home so... 

Discord: Look, if I were you, I'd march right up to my family and say "Hey! I'm a musician! Deal with it!". 

Miguel: I could never say that. 

Rarity: You are a musician, are you not, darling? 

Miguel: I don't know. I mean, I only really play for myself. 

Chug: Ah, did de la Cruz become the world's best musician by hiding his sweet, sweet skills? No! He walked out onto that plaza and he played out loud!

Guitar Player: The fuel truck and his friends are right. [looking at the plaza where a poster is being set up] Ah, mira! Mira! They're setting up for tonight! The music competition for Dia de Muertos. 

Connor Lacey: If you wanna be like your hero, Miguel, you should sign up. 

Miguel: Nuh-uh. My family would freak. 

Sunset Shimmer: Look, if you're too scared, then well, have fun making shoes. 

[Miguel pauses but is still reluctant] 

Guitar Player: Come on. What did de la Cruz always say? 

Miguel: Sieze your moment?

Applejack: (hands Miguel an guitar) Let's see what you got. (Miguel drops his brush) We could be your first audience.

Thorn: Yeah, kid, give it a try. 

[Miguel smiles and is about to start strumming when...] 

Abuelita Elena: Miguel!

Miguel: (Panics and gives back the guitar and turns around to see his family walking towards him) Abuelita!

Abuelita Elena: What are you doing here? (Abuelita takes out her shoe) You leave my grandson alone.

Connor Lacey:: Don't hurt us, ma’am! We weren't doing anything! Honest, we weren't!

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: We'll leave right away just don't use that shoe!

Guitar Player: Yeah! What they said! I was getting a shoe shine.

Abuelita Elena: I know your tricks Mariachis. [to Miguel] What did they say to you?

Miguel: They were just showing me their guitar.

Miguel's family: (gasps)

Tio Berto: Shame on you.

Abuelita Elena: My grandson is a sweet little angelito querido cielito. He wants no part of your music mariachis. You keep away from him.

(Everyone runs away. Abuelita Elena puts her shoe back on)

Abuelita Elena: Ay, pobrecito! Estas bien, mijo. You know better than to be here in this place. You will come home. Now.

[Miguel looks down sadly and grabs a poster before running to catch up with his family] 

Tio Berto: How many times have we told you? That plaza is crawling with mariachis.

Miguel: Yes, Tío (uncle) Berto. (Dante come out.) No, no, no, no, no.

Abuelita: Hey, go away, you. Go!

Miguel: It's just Dante.

Abuelita(throws her shoe at Dante.) Never name a street dog. They'll follow you forever. Now, go get my shoe.

[Back with the Irelanders]

Iago: Who does that crazy lady think she is?! 

Rainbow Dash: Yeah! Shoving her shoe in our faces like that and just when we were getting know Miguel too?! 

Manolo: Well, Rainbow Dash, mariachis of Mexico are renounced for using their shoe as a weapon so technically she had the right idea, though I have to agree with you about her issue with music. 

Dora: Yeah. What is her deal? 

Paxton: Who knows? It's a mystery. 

Kim Possible: We've got to find a way for us to see Miguel again without getting caught by his family. 

Merlin: Don't worry, Kim. We can use the powers of sleuth to sneak in. Nobody will see us. Invisibility on! 

[He blows up steam but nothing happens]

Fuli: Seriously?

Skully: What do you think, Connor?

Connor Lacey: Hmm. I think we'd better find Miguel's spot in his home where he's alone so that we don't get caught by his family again.

Korra: But how will we know where that is? 

Mexican Man: If you want to find Miguel, you gotta go to his family's shoe shop. 

Maria: Gracias, senor. 

Mater: Where can we find it? 

Mexican Man: It's further down the streets. You can't miss it. 

Joaquin: Rivera Familia De Zapateros? I know where that is. I always buy my boots from there! 

Manolo: Really? You never told us that. 

Joaquin: You never asked. 

Twilight Sparkle: Well, thanks for the advice, sir. 

Mexican Man: De nada, amigos. And good luck. 

[The Irelanders run off towards the shoe shop. Meanwhile, at said shop, Miguel is put on a stool] 

Elena: I found your son in Mariachi Plaza. 

Enrique: (sighs) Ay, Miguel. 

Luisa: You know how abuelita feels about the plaza. 

Miguel: I was just shining shoes. 

Tio Berto: A musician's shoes. And some people and whacky characters were talking to him too. 

[The family look up in shock] 

Miguel: But the plaza is where all the foot traffic is. 

Enrique: If abuelita says no more plaza, then no more plaza. 

Miguel: But what about tonight?

Franco: What's tonight?

Miguel: Well, they're having this talent show. [Elena glares as she hears this] And I thought I might...

Luisa: Sign up? 

Miguel: Well, maybe? 

Rosa: [chuckles] You have to have talent to be in a talent show. 

Abel: [chuckles] What are you gonna do? Shine shoes? [a shoe that got stuck in the ceiling hits him on the head] Ugh! 

Elena: It's Dia de los Muertos. [handing flowers to Miguel] No one is going anywhere. Tonight is about family. [Miguel spits out petals as she shoves him outside] Offrenda room. Vamanos. 

[She leads Miguel to the Offrenda room and pushes Mama Coco inside before kissing her and leading him over to the shrine]

Elena: Don't give me that look. Dia de los Muertos is the one night of the year our ancestors can come visit us. We put their photos on the offrenda so their spirits can cross over. That is very important. If we don't put them up, they can't come! We made all this food set up with things they loved in life, mijo. All this work to bring the family together. I don't want you sneaking off to who knows where. [gasps seeing Miguel trying to sneak away] Where are you going?

Miguel: I thought we were done. 

Elena: (groans in frustration as she yanks Miguel back to the shrine) Ay, dios mio. Being part of this family means being here for this family. I don't want to see you end up like...

Miguel: Mama Coco's papa?

Elena: Never mention that man. He's better off forgotten.

Miguel: But you're the one who... I was just... But... I w...

Elena: [shushes him] 

Mama Coco: Papa? Papa is home? 

Elena: Mama. Calmente. Calmente. 

Mama Coco: Papa is coming home? 

Elena: No, Mama. It's okay. I'm here. 

Mama Coco: Who are you?

Elena: Ay… rest, Mama. I’m hard on you because I care, Miguel. [sees he's gone] Miguel? Miguel? (sigh heavily) Ay. What are we going to do with that boy? (laughs), you’re right. That's just what he needs.

[Later, Tio Berto is unloading fabric from a truck. Unbeknownst to him, the Irelanders are sneaking their way into the yard]

Capper: Are we gonna get away with this? 

Connor Lacey: Look, there's a dog over there.  

[They sneak over to Dante who sits up hearing music] 

Fluttershy: I think he's heard something. 

[Dante climbs up some sacks and bricks into a tree with the Irelanders following onto a roof. He scratches himself before the music is heard again. They climb up to the store sign]

Manolo: It's coming from behind this sign. 

Violet Parr: Well, can one of you open it so we can get in? 

Kion: Try pushing the sign aside.

[They move the sign and peek in to see Miguel who panics but calms down] 

Miguel: Wah! 

Dante: (barks)

Joaquin: Relax, Miguel. It's us. 

Miguel: Oh, it's you. Get in here. Come on, guys. Hurry up. 

[One by one they squeeze their way inside]

Miguel: [sighs] You're gonna get me in trouble, guys. Someone could hear me. 

Mako: Come on. How could anyone hear you from here? This place looks soundproof enough.

Miguel: [draws a nose on his homemade guitar's hilt and sighs] I wish someone wanted to hear me. [tunes the guitar with a set of pliers] Other than you. 

Dante: [barks and licks Miguel's face] 

Miguel: (pushes him off laughing) Ew, okay! [strums the guitar] Perfecto.

Stephen: That was good for a start. 

Izzy: We think you'd make a great musician, Miguel. 

Miguel: Thanks. Follow me. There's something I wanna show you. 

[He pushes some dusty white curtains aside, revealing a whole lot of Ernesto de la Cruz merchandise and records] 

Ron Stoppable: Wow. Look at all this merchandise and records. 

Iago: If I didn't know any better, I'd say this Ernesto de la Cruz guy has been an inspiration to many people for quite some time. 

Dora: Yeah. It's such a shame he had to die so soon when that bell crushed him in 1942. 

Elsa: Well, at least he still lives on in our memories. 

Manolo: You know, Miguel, you and your family remind me so much of me and my family. 

Miguel: Really? How so?

[Manolo removes his guitar from his back and shows it to Miguel] 

Miguel: [gasps] You're a musician too?

Manolo: Si. You see, my Papa wanted me to be a bullfighter like him and the rest of our family. "Music is not work fit for a Sanchez bullfighter!" he would say. 

Miguel: Did your family ban music too? 

Manolo: [chuckles] No. Most of the members of my family were bullfighters. My Papa, my grandpa Luis, Jorge, Carmelo, ha-ha, even my grandmother Anita. 

Starlight Glimmer: Wow. That's quite a story. 

Manolo: See, Miguel, when I was young, I fought a wild boar in front of a lot of people. My Papa saw everything and he knew right then and there that I was destined to continue the family's tradition of bullfighting. 

Miguel: But if you were a bullfighter then how did you become a musician?

Manolo: Well, you see, Joaquin and I used to fight over Maria a lot. These two gods, La Muerte and Xibalba made a wager on which of us she would marry. But Xibalba cheated by giving Joaquin the Medal of Everlasting Life which allowed to the wearer to avoid death for as long as they wore it. He really wanted to win at any cost and when Dia de los Muertos came, he sent a two headed snake to bite Maria and put her in a coma. We all believed her to be dead. I was so desperate to see her again that I actually agreed to let Xibalba kill me with his snake, which bit me twice.

Miguel: [gasps] Then what happened?

Manolo: When I woke up, I found myself as a skeleton in the Land of the Remembered, which La Muerte rules over. I even met my family while I was there. But when we got to La Muerte's castle, Xibalba was there waiting. He told me everything and I told him he would pay for what he'd done. I told him I would expose him to La Muerte and then he and I could settle things afterwards. Despite him telling me I'd never reach her in the Land of the Forgotten, which he rules over, I got there anyway with help from my Mama, Carmen, my grandpa and the Candle Maker. When I told La Muerte what Xibalba had done, boy, I bet you can imagine how angry she was. 

Trixie: How angry? 

Manolo: She got so mad that her candles actually gave off a blinding light. Anyway, when Xibalba refused to send me home, I offered him a wager: If I won, he would give me my life back and La Muerte said that if Xibalba won, he could rule both the Land of the Remembered and the Land of the Forgotten. Xibalba agreed and asked me what my worst fear was. When I didn't answer, he concluded that it had to be bullfighting so he sent me back to the Land of the Remembered and challenged me to defeat every bull my family every finished all at once. 

Miguel, Starlight and Trixie: [gasps]

Manolo: He said that if I won, I would live again. But if I failed, I would be forgotten forever. 

Miguel: So what did you do?

Manolo: I fought the bulls as instructed. When my papa arrived after being killed by the bandit king, Chakal, he told me that Chakal and his men were already at San Angel's doorstep. I knew that I had to act fast but it didn't stop there. The bulls all combined into one big giant flaming skeleton bull. But I didn't give up. I soon realized that my worst fear was actually being myself. 

Korra: Afraid of being yourself? Huh. That's kinda weird. 

Manolo: I know. I sang to the bull to calm it down and apologized for what my family had done to it. It took a while for it to sink in but eventually the bull forgave me and dispersed into marigold petals, finally able to rest in peace. This pleased everyone, even my Papa who apologized for saying that a Sanchez man never apologizes. So, after all was said and done, I had conquered my fear and the gods brought me back to life. From there, I was able to defeat Chakal and save everyone I ever cared about, even Maria. Soon, Maria and I got married and that was the end of it.

Miguel: Wow. I never know that that was possible. 

[He lights some candles with another candle and puts it up in front of the Remember Me record case. He picks up his homemade guitar and looks at the case again before striking the same pose. He puts a video titled "Best of De La Cruz" into an old television which he turns on]

Ernesto: (on TV) I have to sing. I have to play. The music, it's not just in me. It is me. When life gets me down, I play my guitar. The rest of the world may follow the rules but I must follow my heart. You know that feeling, like there's a song in the air and it's playing just for you?

[Miguel watches Ernesto strum his guitar on screen and does the same thing] 

Ernesto: A feeling so close~

You could reach out and touch it~

I never knew I could want something so much~

But it’s true~

[Manolo joins in the strumming with Miguel]

Ernesto: (on TV) You must have faith, sister.

Nun: Oh, but Padre, he will never listen.

Ernesto: He will listen to music! (singing) Only a song, only a song~

Has the power to change a heart~

(speaking)  Never underestimate the power of music.

[Manolo and Miguel continue strumming as everyone else gently sways to the music]

Nun: But my father, he will never give his permission.

Ernesto: I am done asking permission. When you see your moment, you mustn’t let it pass you by. You must seize it.

Man: Senor de la Cruz, what did it take for you to seize your moment?

Ernesto: I had to have faith in my dream. No one was going to hand it to me. It was up to me to reach for that dream. Grab it tight… [with Miguel and Manolo] and make it come true.

[The screen turns to static]

Merlin: See, Miguel? You wanna be like your hero, then you have to try. You must try. 

Manolo: Merlin is right. Come close. [Miguel inches closer to him] Closer. [Miguel inches even closer and Manolo holds his guitar up to show him something on it's side] Take a look at my guitar, Miguel. [the message Maria wrote on it appears] Tell me, what do you see? 

Miguel: "Always play from the heart, heart shape Maria". 

Maria: [chuckles] Wrote it myself. 

Connor Lacey: We've experienced bans on music before. 

Miguel: Really? 

Connor Lacey: Yes. Long ago when we met Melody's mother Ariel who was a mermaid, we've discovered that her father, King Triton, ruler of the merpeople ban music from Atlantica because of his wife, Queen Athena's death by a pirate ship though it was an accident which also results to his former hated towards humans as well. That cause a strain between and Ariel due to her happy personality contrasts to his strict schedule but after Ariel find the music box and stops Marina Del Rey's plan to get Sebastian's job, Triton allows music to return and appoints Sebastian to be his court composer. 

Miguel: Whoa. That is interesting. I hope my family can do the same. 

Melody: Don't worry, Miguel. If Connor and his friends manages to help my mother get my grandfather to allow music again, then I know we can help your family allow music again too. 

Violet Parr: I'm with Melody. We have to find out why this family hates music. 

Kion: Yeah. What is their deal with a good tune?

The Mask: Yeah. We all know Pinkie's always breaking into a song a lot on our adventures.

Pinkie Pie: That's true. They can't stop that. 

[Miguel looks at the poster for the talent show and gets an idea] 

Miguel: No more hiding, guys. I gotta seize my moment.

Dante: (barks)

Ashima: That's the spirit! 

Miguel: I’m gonna play in Mariachi Plaza if it kills me.

Razer: But whatever you do, you must not let your family catch you trying to sneak off. 

Miguel: Got it.

[Later, at sunset, children wearing skeleton face paint run by the shop carrying sparklers and Elena opens the doors]

Abuelita Elena: Dia de los Muertos has begun!

[Abel's two younger brothers pour marigold petals out of buckets] 

Luisa: No, no, no, no, no. We have to make a clear path. The petals guide our ancestors home. We don't want their spirits to get lost. We want them to come and enjoy all food and drinks on ofrenda.

[Unbeknownst to anyone, Miguel, Dante and the Irelanders are trying to sneak away. They climb down to the ground using crates and sacks, but are startled when they see Enrique and Berto coming with a table] 

Enrique: Mama! (Miguel gasp.) Where should we put this table?

Spike: [whispering] Oh, no. 

Elena: In the courtyard, mijos.

Enrique: You want it down by the kitchen?

Elena: Si, eh, next to the other one.

[Miguel, Dante and the Irelanders try to evade them but to no avail. They enter the offrenda room and Miguel slides his guitar under the table with Dante and the Irelanders] 

Miguel: Get under, get under!

Abuelita Elena: Miguel?

Miguel: Uh, nothing. Mama, Papa, I…

Enrique: Miguel, your abuelita had the most wonderful idea. We've all decided... [putting an apron on Miguel] it’s time you joined us in the workshop!

Miguel: What?

Enrique: No more shining shoes. You will be making them, every day, after school.

Abuelita Elena: Oh, our Miguel-it-ititito carrying on the family tradition. And on Dia de los Muertos! Your ancestors would be so proud. You’ll craft huaraches just like your Tía (aunt) Victoria.

Enrique: And wing tips just like your Papa Julio.

Miguel: But what if I’m no good at making shoes?

Enrique: Ay, Miguel. You have your family here to guide you. You are a Rivera. And a Rivera is?

Miguel: A shoemaker… through and through.

Enrique: (hugging Miguel) That’s my boy! Haha! [heads out with Elena and Luisa] Berto! Break out the good stuff! I wanna make a toast!

Elena: (kisses Miguel and heads out)

Miguel: (chuckles nervously and sighs with relief) 

[Just then, the table clangs and Miguel turns to see the Irelanders struggling to stop Dante from eating the food on the offrenda]

Miguel: Dante! No, Dante, stop!

Raven Queen: Sorry, Miguel! We tried to stop him but he wouldn't listen. 

[They try to yank Dante off but as they do, the offrenda shakes. Eventually, Dante lets go and Miguel and the Irelanders land in a heap on the floor. Mama Imelda's picture falls from the top of the offrenda. Miguel and the Irelanders try to catch it but it shatters on the floor] 

Miguel: [gasps] Ah! No, no, no, no, no! No.

Sunset Shimmer: The picture's broken! 

Mewtwo: But hold on, a section of the picture's been folded back. 

[They seen that part of the picture has indeed been folded back. They unfold it revealing a guitar]

Captain Jake: Mama Coco's dad is holding a guitar. 

Aisling: I'm guessing that that's part of the reason this family hates music. 

[Miguel looks at the guitar's hilt wide-eyed] 

Miguel: Is that Ernesto de la Cruz’ guitar?

Mama Coco: Ah? Papa?

Miguel: Mama Coco. Is your Papa Ernesto de la Cruz?

Mama Coco: Papa! Papa!

[Miguel and the Irelanders look at the photo again. They head into the room behind the sign with the Ernesto de La Cruz merchandise and records in it and grab the Remember Me record case] 

Manolo: Miguel, do you know what this means?

Miguel: I do now!

[He looks at the photo and compares it to the hilt on the record case]

Miguel: Haha!

[Later, he and the Irelanders run across the roof to tell his family the news] 

Miguel: Mama, Papa! It’s him! I know who my great-great-grandfather was!

Luisa: Miguel! Get down from there!

Miguel: Mama Coco’s father was Ernesto de la Cruz!

Enrique: What are you talking about?

Miguel: I’m gonna be a musician!

[Later, a record player, records and Miguel's homemade guitar are thrown in front of him as he looks sheepishly at his family] 

Abuelita Elena: What is all this? You keep secrets from your own family?

Berto Rivera: That time he spends in the plaza.

Gloria Rivera: Filled his head with crazy fantasies.

Miguel Rivera: It's not a fantasy! That man was Ernesto De la Cruz, the greatest musician of all time.

Enrique Rivera: We never know anything about this man! But whoever he was he still abandoned his family. This no future for my son.

Miguel Rivera: But Papa, you said my family would guide me. Well de la Cruz is my family. I'm supposed to play music.

Connor Lacey: Yeah! Let Miguel follow his dream! 

Abuelita Elena: Never! That man's music was a curse! I will not allow it! 

Rarity: That is not true!

Miguel: If you would just let me... 

Luisa Rivera: Miguel!

Enrique Rivera: You will listen to your family! Your friends too. No more music.

Miguel: Just listen to me play. 

Enrique: End of argument!

[Miguel starts to strum but Elena snatches the guitar from him] 

Elena: You want to end up like that man? Forgotten? Left off your family's offrenda?

Miguel: I don't care if I'm on some stupid offrenda!

Riveras: [gasps]

[Elena looks at the guitar and gets ready to hit the ground with it]

Applejack: I got a bad feeling about this.

The Mask: You're not the only one. 

Miguel: No! 

Enrique: Mama! 

[Elena smashes the guitar on the ground much to Miguel's horror] 

Elena: There! No guitar, no music. 

Miguel: (sniffing) 

Elena: Oh come. You’ll feel better after you eat with your family.

Miguel: I don't want to be in this family! 

[Miguel grabs the photo from his father and runs away] 

Enrique: Miguel! Miguel! 

Connor Lacey: Miguel, wait! Wait! 

[The Irelanders run after Miguel though Razer stops and glares at the Riveras for a moment]

Razer: We will never forgive this. 

[He hurries to catch up with the others as they run after Miguel who wipes away a tear as he runs, passing Dante on the way. Eventually, they arrive in Mariachi Plaza where the talent show is underway. They head over to a woman wearing skeleton facepaint] 

Miguel: I-I wanna play in the plaza. Like de la Cruz. C-can I still sign up?

Woman: You got an instrument?

Miguel: No. But if I can borrow a guitar.

Woman: Musicians gotta bring their own instruments. You find a guitar, kid, I’ll put you on the list.

[Miguel runs up to a woman with a guitar] 

Miguel: Hey, excuse me, can I borrow your guitar?

Woman: Sorry, muchaco.

[Miguel walks to a man playing a guitar] 

Miguel: You guys have a spare guitar?

Man: No.

[Miguel approaches a band] 

Miguel: I need a guitar just for a little bit.

Band Player: Get outta here, kid.

Miguel: (sighs) 

[As Miguel and the Irelanders head away from the band, a shadow passes over them and they find themselves staring at Ernesto's statue] 

Connor Lacey: If Ernesto were here, he would've known what to do. 

Zazu: Yeah. He would've understood Miguel better than the rest of his family ever could. 

Caitlin: Now I can see why Manolo said that the Riveras and the Sanchezes had so much in common. 

Boots: Except that the Sanchezes don't ban music. 

Maria: That's true. But we need to ask ourselves: what would Ernesto do?

Miguel: [to the statue] Senorita Posada is right, great-great grandfather. What am I supposed to do?

[The camera pans down to the phrase "Sieze your moment!" - Ernesto De La Cruz at the base of the statue. Miguel looks at the photo of the guitar and then at the statue's guitar hilt as a firework erupts behind and smirks, getting an idea] 

Elsa: I know that look. 

Frozone/Lucius Best: Why do I get the feeling he's about to pull a risky move?

[Later, Miguel and the Irelanders make their way through the cemetery to Ernesto's shrine] 

Dante: (barking)

Miguel: No, no, no, no. Dante, stop. Cllate, shh.

[Miguel picks up a chicken leg from a nearby grave and throws it. Dante chases after it. Miguel and the Irelanders head over to the shrine and look inside at Ernesto's guitar] 

Ono: Miguel, you do realize that taking what's not yours is considered stealing right?

Miguel: I know but you saw what the statue said. And what Ernesto says is true, when you see your moment you must not let it pass you by, you must seize and that's what I'm going to do. 

Thorn: Well, go ahead but if someone catches us then don't blame us. 

[Miguel climbs up on the windowsill and tries to push the window open but it's locked. He looks up at fireworks exploding in the sky and gets ready to break the window open] 

Miguel: I'm sorry. 

[Miguel elbows the window open causing the lock to fall to the floor. He and the Irelanders slip inside and approach the guitar as quietly as possible. Miguel jumps up on the coffin but moves the lid slightly, which startles him]

Miguel: [gasps]

[He looks at the guitar and puts his fingers on the strings wide-eyed. He moves some dust off the guitar to see his reflection before looking up at the picture of Ernesto] 

Miguel: Senor de la Cruz. Please don’t be mad. I-I’m Miguel. Your great-great-grandson. [picks up the guitar] I-I need to borrow this. Our family thinks music is a curse. None of them understand. But I know you would have. You would have told me to follow my heart. To seize my moment. So, if it’s all right with you… I’m gonna play in the Plaza. Just like you did!

[Miguel strums the guitar and marigold petals fly into the air for a moment then drop back to the ground] 

Iago: Uh, what just happened? 

Emma: Miguel strummed the guitar and marigold petals flew into the air, that's what happened. 

Chris Kratt: Yeah, but why did that happen? 

Martin Kratt: Beats me, bro. 

Guard: The guitar! It's gone!

Miguel: [gasps] 

Irelanders: (gasps)

Guard 2: What’s going on?

Guard 3: Somebody stole de la Cruz’ guitar.

Woman: The window is broken, look!

Miguel: (panting) 

Violet Parr: Great, good going, Mr. Seize-Your-Moment! Now you've gotten us caught!

Mushu: We told you taking this guitar was a bad idea! 

[They look to see a guard opening the doors and shining his torch into the shrine] 

Guard: All right, who’s in there?

Miguel: I’m sorry, i-it’s not what it looks like. De la Cruz is my… (gasp)

[The guard walks straight through Miguel, causing him to glow orange]

Ron Stoppable: (in Jack Darby's voice) He walked straight through you! We're not alive! 

Irelanders: (gasps)

Guard: There’s nobody here!

[He puts the guitar back on the pegs. Miguel and the Irelanders run out of the shrine and step out of the way of more oncoming people. Miguel tries to grab a woman's arm but his hand goes straight through it]

Miguel: Ah!

Connor Lacey: We'd better get outta here! 

Trixie: You heard him! Run! 

[Miguel and the Irelanders run on through the graveyard. They hear Luisa's voice as she and Enrique come into view] 

Luisa: Miguel! 

Miguel: Mama!

[Miguel runs to hugh them but he slips straight through them] 

Enrique: Miguel, come home! Where are you, Miguel?

Miguel: [yelps]

[Miguel and the Irelanders land in a heap in a newly made grave. They look up to see a shadowy figure looking at them from above]

Woman: Dios mio, little boy and friends! Are you okay? Here, let me help you.

[She offers a hand and they grab it. She then pulls them out of the grave]

Miguel: Thanks. I… (sees the woman as a living skeleton) Aaah!

Irelanders: (screaming)

Woman: (screaming) 

[Miguel and the Irelanders run off only to bump into one skeleton after another, even causing one's head to fall off into Miguel's hands]

Miguel: Aah!

Skeleton man: Do you mind?

Miguel: Aah!

Skeleton man: Aah!

[Miguel throws the head back to the body and multiple skeletons surround him and the Irelanders but they manage to escape and hide behind a gravestone. They peak out and look at skeletons doing various things] 

Skeleton couple: [laughing]

[They look see a male skeleton putting some food and a bottle in a basket. They then see another skeleton couple watching a little girl and her mother] 

Old Female Skeleton: Look how big she’s getting.

Old Male skeleton: [laughs] 

Melody: What the heck did that guitar do to us?! 

Joaquin: Now everyone calm down. I'm sure that there's a reasonable explanation for all this. 

Miguel: (panting as he slaps himself to see if he's dreaming but then Dante licks him startling him) Uh! Dante? You can see us?

Buzzie: Wait, if we're invisible to other people how come he can see us? 

Twilight Sparkle: There must be something special about him that we don't know yet.

Dante: (barking) 

Miguel: Wait! What’s going on? Dante! Dante!

[Dante runs off with Miguel and the Irelanders in hot pursuit] 

Fluttershy: I think he's trying to lead us somewhere. 

[They run on after Dante but bump into another skeleton, this one being Miguel's Papa Julio, shattering him to pieces upon impact] 

Miguel: Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Julio: Miguel?

Cubby: Wait, you look familiar. And how do you know his name?

Skeleton Woman 1: Miguel?

Skeleton Woman 2: Miguel? 

Paxton: Oh, dear, not good. 

[Julio's pieces reassemble themselves and his body puts his head back on] 

Julio: Y-you’re here! Here here. And you and your friends can see us?

Iago: Yeah! We're as surprised as you are, bonehead.

Sunset Shimmer: We don't know how it happened but... 

Female skeleton 1: Our Miguelitititito! [hugs Miguel] 

Koki: What in the world..... 

Miguel: (muffled) Remind me how I know you?  

Female skeleton 1: We’re your family, mijo.

Irelanders: What?

Miguel: (gasps and recognizes the skeleton from the photo on the offrenda) Tía Rosita?

Rosita: Si. 

Scamper: You know her? 

Miguel: Yes. I remember from the photo on the offrenda. [turns his attention to the male skeleton who's got his head on backwards but the second female skeleton puts it the right way round so he's facing Miguel] Papá Julio?

Julio: Hola! 

The Mask: Wow! 

[Miguel looks at the second female skeleton and recognizes her as well]

Miguel: Tía Vic…toria?

Manolo: Wait a second. If you're here then...

Carlos: Manolo! 

Manolo: Papa? 

[Carlos appears and embraces Manolo in a big hug] 

Manolo: Papa! Hey! 

Carlos: It's good to see you again, mijo! 

Manolo: It's good to see you too! 

Korra: This is your father, Manolo? 

Manolo: Yes, Korra. Oh, Papa. You haven't met our new members yet. This is The Lion Guard, Discord, Iago, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon, who likes to be called the Great and Powerful Trixie in case you were wondering what was with the magician getup, Korra, Mushu, Cri-Kee, Elsa, Hiro, Paxton, Stephen, Capper, The train Connor, Caitlin, Ashima, Merlin, Captain Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully and Aisling.  

Hiro: I'm also known as the Master of the Railway and Stephen is also known as the Rocket. 

Stephen: Peyow! Nice to meet you by the way. 

Carlos: And it is nice to meet all of you. The whole family's here. Look! 

[The Sanchez Family come into view] 

Carmen: Manolo! 

Manolo: Mama! 

[Carmen and Manolo share a hug] 

Carmen: It's been so long since we last saw each other. 

Manolo: It sure has. 

The Mask: You will not believe what we've been through tonight. 

Luis Sánchez: And Manolo, you have Joaquin and Maria with you this time. 

Manolo: That's right, grandpa.

Maria: But that still doesn't answer our question on how we can see you. 

Familiar Voice (that McQueen know): This is quite a surprise right there. 

Lightning McQueen: Wait! I know that voice! 

[Doc Hudson, aka the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, drives into view]

Connor Lacey: Doc Hudson! 

Doc: Hey, guys. Long time, no see. 

Lightning McQueen: I would give you a hug but then again cars aren't built with hands. 

Doc: (chuckles) Very true, kid. 

Dusty Crophopper: So you're the Fabulous Hudson Hornet Connor and his friends told me about. I'm Dusty. Dusty Crophopper.

Twilight Sparkle: We're just so pleased to meet you. McQueen have told us about you. I'm Twilight and this is Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Rarity.

Spike: I'm Spike. 

Doc: Good to meet you all. 

Skipper Riley: Skipper Riley. A pleasure to meet you. McQueen told me you and I have a lot in common. 

Doc: How so, Skipper? 

Skipper Riley: Well, I used to be grounded for decades after my squadron was killed in an ambush which made me afraid to fly again. I told lies about myself for a long time until Dusty helped me get over my fear and that helped me learn that it's always best to tell the truth. 

Doc: That sounds like after when I crashed in '54 during one of my races. When I finally got put back together I went back expecting a big welcome. But you know what they said? "You're history!". Moved right onto the next rookie standing in line. [sighs] There was a lot left in me. I never got a chance to show em. I kept a newspaper article about my crash in my garage to remind me never to return to the racing world until Lightning came along and taught me that I don't have to hide my past from others. 

Lightning McQueen: And I used his turn right to go left move in the tie-breaker race and a few other tricks I learned while I was there. Also, Doc taught me that the Piston Cup may seem like a big trophy but then again [scoffs] it's just an empty cup.

Rainbow Dash: Just an empty cup? I never thought of it that way. 

Igor: First, Manolo's family then the Fabulous Hudson Hornet. Who else is unexpectedly gonna turn up?

Male voice: Kion? Irelanders? Is that you?

Kion: Grandfather? 

[Mufasa runs into view a big smile on his face] 

Connor Lacey: Mufasa! 

Mufasa: It's good to see you all again. 

Aviva Corcovado: I'm used to seeing your spirit in the clouds but this makes it much more weirder. 

Zazu: (bows down) It's great to see you again after so long, your majesty. 

Mufasa: Same to you, Zazu. Hope Simba has been keeping things in order. 

Zazu: He certainly has. With help from his son Kion and his Lion Guard of course. 

Kion: That's true. We still didn't figure out how to defeat Scar yet but we'II find out, eventually. 

Mufasa: I'm certain that you will, Kion. There are many more old friends for you all to see once we go back. 

Tía Victoria: They don't seem entirely dead.

[A girl runs right through Miguel] 

Miguel: Ah!

The Mask: We're not quite alive, either.

Julio: We need Mama Imelda. She’ll know how to fix this.

Male voice: Oye (Hey)!

[Two more male skeletons run into view]

Tio Oscar (left one): It’s Mama Imelda!

Tio Felipe (Right one): She couldn’t cross over!

Tio Oscar (Left one): She’s stuck!

Tio Felipe (Right one): On the other side!

Miguel: Tío Oscar? Tío Felipe?

Oscar: Oh, hey, Miguel.

Both: [gasp]

Victoria: I have a feeling this has something to do with you and your friends.

Rosita: But if Mama Imelda can’t come to us…

Julio: [grabbing Miguel by the arm and running off with him] Then we are going to her! Vamonos!

Kim Possible: If it helps us figure out what's going on. 

Connor Lacey: Then what are we waiting for? Let's go. 

[They head off after Miguel and Julio who lead them to a bridge made of marigold petals. They pass through an invisible wall, all but Miguel who stops]

Miguel: Whoa.

Izzy: Come on, Miguel, it’s-it’s okay.

Julio: Yeah, what she said. 

[Miguel passes through the invisible wall and walks along the marigold petal bridge with his family and the Irelanders. He picks up a handful of petals and they blow into the air. He then sees Dante further ahead of him and runs to catch up]

Dante: (barking)

Miguel: Dante? Dante! Dante, wait up!

[Miguel catches up to Dante who rolling around in the petals]

Miguel: You gotta stay with us, boy. [Dante sneezes petals onto him] You don’t know… where…

[Miguel looks on in wonder as there, right in front of him is the Land of the Dead. He looks down to see more marigold petal bridges with skeletons walking back and forth across them in amazement] 

Irelanders: Whoa!

Miguel: This isn’t a dream, then. You’re all really out there.

Victoria: You thought we weren’t?

Miguel: Oh, I don’t know. I thought it might have been one of those made-up things… that adults tell kids, like… vitamins.

Jorge Sánchez: Miguel, vitamins are a real thing.

Miguel: Well, now I’m thinking maybe they could be.

Merlin: Even so, this is turning out to be the start of an amazing adventure, full of mystery, thrills, chills and who knows what else. 

Fuli: And I still can't believe we're actually see Kion's grandfather in person. 

Bunga: Yeah. Is that you've been doing during our down in the dump moments, Kion? 

Kion: Yes, Bunga.

Twilight Sparkle: We know about it as well since he appear to us as well?

Beshte: How come you never told me, Fuli, Little B and Ono?

Connor Lacey: Well, Beshte, we don't want the other animals to know what Rafiki can do in case they'II never leave him alone and uh, it's one of the things that we want to keep to ourselves.

Ono: Oh, like a secret. We understand. 

Kion: That's good to hear.

[A skeleton girl sees them and points]

Mother Skeleton: Mija, it’s not nice to stare at- (see Miguel, they run) Ay, Santa Ma…!

Jack Skellington: What is the big deal with her?

Koki: Guess people here aren't used to seeing living people.

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: (sighs) Tell me about it. 

[Just then, giant Alebrijes fly, jump, crawl and flutter into view, landing on a plinth] 

Mako: What are those things? 

Martin Kratt: They look like hybrid animals. 

Chris Kratt: More than that, bro. They're..... 

Miguel: Alebrijes!

Kim Possible: Guys, there's no such thing as ale-whatever-they're-called. 

Tio Oscar: No, Kim. Your amigos are right. Those are real alebrijes. Spirit creatures.

Rosita: They guide souls on their journey.

Tio Felipe: Watch your step, they make cacitas everywhere.

PA: Welcome back to the Land of the Dead. Please have all offerings ready for re-entry.

Arrival Agent: Welcome back. Anything to declare?

Man: Some churros, from my family.

Arrival Agent: How wonderful!

[The heroes line up behind the rest of the queue] 

Department Agent: Next family, please.

Capper: What are they doing?

[A skeleton couple are scanned by the department agent and their photos appear on a scanner's screen] 

Department Agent: Oh, your photos are in your son’s ofrenda. Have a great visit.

Skeleton Couple: Gracias. [walk over to the bridge]

PA: And remember to return before sunrise. Enjoy your visit!

Joaquin: Looks like they're checking if their pictures are on the ofrendas. Fascinating. 

Asmai: Now why would they do that? 

Department Agent: Next? [scans a skeleton man with braces and his photo comes up on the screen] Your photo’s on your dentist’s ofrenda. Enjoy your visit.

Skeleton Man: Grashiash. [walks off] 

Department Agent: Next?

[A male skeleton disguised as a female skeleton named Hector struts into view] 

Hector: (in disguise) Yes, it is I, Frida Kahlo. Shall we skip the scanner? I’m on so many ofrendas it will just overwhelm your blinky-thingy.

[The department agent scans him but an X appears on the screen] 

Department Agent: Well, shoot. Looks like no one put up your photo… Frida?

Hector: [putting his original body parts back on] Okay, when I said I was Frida, just now… That. That was a lie. And I apologize for doing that.

Department Agent: No photo on an ofrenda, no crossing the bridge.

Hector: You know what? I’m just gonna zip right over. You won’t even know I’m gone.

[Hector runs to the bridge jumping over a security guard on the way. He only makes it half way up the bridge but begins sinking into the petals]

Guard: Hey!

Hector: Haha! Almost… there… Just a little… further… Ugh.

Guard: Upsy daisy. [drags him away with another security guard] 

Hector: Fine. Okay. Fine, who cares? Dumb flower bridge!

Jack Skellington: Who was that? 

Jorge Sánchez: That was Hector. He's been trying to get over that bridge every Day of the Dead since he got here. 

Rosita: Aw, I don’t know what I’d do if no one put up my foto.

Arrival Agent: [off-screen] Next?

Rosita: Oh! Come, mijo and friends. it’s our turn.

Arrival Agent: Welcome back, amigo. Anything to declare?

Julio: A-as a matter of fact… [presenting Miguel and the Irelanders] Yes. (crackles nervously)

Miguel: Hola. 

[The arrival agent's jaw falls off]

Raven Queen: Are you kidding me? 

Anita Sánchez: La Muerte, Xibalba and the Candle Maker will be most pleased to hear you are back in the Land of the Dead, amigos. 

Diego: That's good to hear.

[Moments later, they are walking across a bridge in a cable car station] 

Irelanders: Whoa. 

[Skeletons stare and look at them in shock and bewilderment as they pass] 

Tio Oscar: [sighs] I miss my nose.

Maria: Well, you know what they say, you only live once. 

La Muerte: That's true. 

[La Muerte, Xibalba and the Candle Maker appear in front of them]

Manolo: La Muerte! Xibalba! Candle Maker! 

Candle Maker: Hey-hey-hey, Manolo! 

Melody: It's good to see you guys again. 

Xibalba: Yes, though rather surprising. How are you even here? 

Elsa: It's kind of a long story. 

Mewtwo: We're looking for Mama Imelda. Do you know where she and the rest of the old friends we have yet to see might be? 

La Muerte: Absolutamente! Follow us. 

[They lead the heroes into the Department of Family Reunions where dozens of skeletons are trying to resolve travel issues] 

Skeleton Man: Come on, help us out, amigo. We gotta get to a dozen ofrendas tonight.

Skeleton Woman: We are not visiting your ex-wife, Stanley, for Dia de Muertos.

Razer: Well, this place is packed. How are we supposed to find them?

Female voice: (that Applejack) Applejack, is that you?

Applejack: Mom?

[Applejack's parents, Bright Mac and Pear Butter, trot into view. Applejack, overwhelmed with tears of joy, gallops up to them and hugs them]

Bright Mac: We've been waitin' years for you to come, apple pip. 

Applejack: I know and finally, here I am. 

Connor Lacey: Those are your parents, Applejack? 

Applejack: Yep. Bright Mac and Pear Butter. My and Apple Bloom's mom and dad. 

Connor Lacey: It's a pleasure to meet you both. We've heard so much about you from Applejack and about your forbidden love story. Sorry to hear that.

Pear Butter: It's not your fault. 

Bright Mac: Our lives went well, nonetheless. How's everypony else back home? 

Applejack: They're all dandy as daffadils. Apple Bloom's got her cutie mark, Big Mac got married to Sugar Belle who is a unicorn baker from Starlight's old village, we've learned about your love story and reconnect with Grand Pear and I help Twilight protect Equestria from bad guys many times before she became ruler of Equestria. 

Twilight Sparkle: It's true and I'm pleased to meet you both.

Pear Butter: (bows down) And we're pleased to meet you, your majesty.

Mufasa: Glad to see that our loved ones taking care of things in the Circle of Life, eh, you two?

Bright Mac: That's doggone right, your highness. 

Male Voice: You're not the only ones. 

Mushu: Wait. I know that voice anywhere. 

[They look up to see Oogway floating down to them] 

Koki: Master Oogway? 

Oogway: You've all grown, even you, Connor. 

Connor Lacey: That's right, Master Oogway. 

Oogway: You've all done a great job helping Po protect all of China and always saving the day as I know you would. 

Razer: Yeah, considering we had to face villains stronger than Tai Lung like Lord Shen the evil peacock from Gongmen City who attacks Po's fellow pandas which led to him being adopted by Mr. Ping while he learns inner peace then facing your former friend Kai who tried to take the chi of every kung fu master in existence, Po included. 

Oogway: Yes, and I hoped that you would come to the Spirit Realm so that we can reunite just like Po did after defeating Kai. 

Good Fairy: And we have. Unexpectedly, that is.

Buzzie: Yeah, you're not gonna believe it when we tell you. 

Kim Possible: But right now, we need to find Mama Imelda. 

Carmelo Sánchez: [pointing to the left] There she is! 

Mama Imelda: I demand to speak to the person in charge.

Bunga: Sheesh. What's her problem?

Female Skeleton Agent: I’m sorry, señorita, it says here no one put up your photo.

Mama Imelda: My family always, always put my photo up in the ofrenda. (take her boot off and bash it at the computer) That devil box tells you nothing but lies!

Julio: Mama Imelda?

[Mama Imelda spins around and aims her shoe at him but then realizes who she's looking at]

Mama Imelda: Oh, mi familia (my family). They wouldn’t let me cross the bridge. Tell this woman and her devil box that my photo is in the ofrenda.

Julio: Well, w-we never made it to the ofrenda.

Mama Imelda: What?

Julio: We ran into a… um…

[The others step aside revealing Miguel and the Irelanders who look at Imelda. Her photo pops up for a splitsecond before cutting back to Imelda herself] 

Mama Imelda: (gasps) Miguel?

Miguel: (sheepishly waves) Mama Imelda. (nervous chuckle)

Mama Imelda: (suspiciously while putting her hands on her hips) What is going on?

Skeleton man: You the Rivera family?

[Everyone looks at him as the computer explodes. Moments later] 

Skeleton man: Well, you’re all cursed.

Everyone: (gasps) 

Miguel and Irelanders: What?! 

Skeleton man: (grabbing some paper work from a pile on his desk) Dia de los Muertos is a night to give to the dead. You stole from the dead.

Miguel: But we weren’t stealing the guitar.

Mama Imelda: Guitar?

Miguel: It was my great-great-grandfather’s. He would have wanted me to have it.

Mama Imelda: Ah-ah-ah! We do not speak of that musician. He is dead to this family.

[Dante sniffs the food on the man's desk and starts licking it]

Miguel: Uh, you’re all dead.

Skeleton Man: [sneezes] I am sorry, uh, who’s alebrije is that?

Miguel: [pulls Dante off the desk] That's just Dante. 

Rosita: (gesturing to some alebrijes outside) He sure doesn’t look like an alebrije.

Oscar: He just looks like a plain old dog.

Felipe: Or a sausage someone dropped in a barbershop.

Aviva Corcovado: Look, we don't know how he can see us even when that guitar made us invisible to other people.

Skeleton man: Whatever he is, I am- achoo! terribly allergic.

Joaquin: But Dante doesn’t have any hair.

Skeleton Man: [taping his glasses to his face so they won't fall off] And I don’t have a nose and yet here we are. Achoo!

Lucius Best/Frozone: Miguel, we told you taking the guitar was a bad idea but did you listen?! No! 

Mama Imelda: But none of this explains why I couldn’t cross over.

Miguel: Oh... [nervously chuckles as he shows the photo to her] 

Riveras: (gasps)

Mama Imelda: You took my photo off the ofrenda?

Miguel: It was an accident.

Mama Imelda: How do we send him and his friends back?

Skeleton Man: Well, since it’s a family matter… The way to undo a family curse is to get your family’s blessing.

Miguel: That’s it?

Skeleton Man: Get your family’s blessing and everything should go back to normal. But you’ve gotta do it by sunrise.

Dora: What happens at sunrise?

Julio: Hjole, your hands, hooves, talons, paws and wheels!

[Miguel and the Irelanders look to see their index fingers, hooves, talons, paws and wheels are turning to bones and rust much to their shock] 

Miguel: Aah! 

Irelanders: [gasps] 

[Miguel is about to faint but Julio catches him and slaps him awake]

Julio: Whoa, Miguel. Can’t have you fainting on us.

Luna: Yeah. But this is freaky. If we don't get your blessing before sunrise we practically become one of you! 

Skeleton Man: But not to worry. Your family is here. You can get your blessing right now. Cempasuchil, cempasuchil. Aha! Perdon, senora.

Rosita: Oh. 

Skeleton Man: [picks a marigold petal off Rosita's dress and gives it to Imelda] Now, you look at the living and say his name.

Mama Imelda: Miguel. 

Skeleton Man: Nailed it. Now say "I give you and your friends my blessing."

Mama Imelda: I give you and your friends my blessing.

[The petal glows as she continues]

Mama Imelda: I give you all my blessing to go home… To put my photo back on the ofrenda… And to never play music again.

Miguel: What?

Irelanders: What?! 

Miguel: She can’t do that!

Skeleton Man: Well, technically, she can add any condition she wants.

Sunset Shimmer: Well, any condition is better than nothing.

Manolo: Except not to play music from this moment on. 

Miguel: (sighs in frustration) Fine.

Skeleton Man: Then you hand the petal to Miguel.

[Imelda hands the petal to Miguel who touches it before he and the Irelanders dissolve into marigold petals and find themselves back in Ernesto's shrine] 

Miguel: (laughs happily and looks outside) Ha! No skeletons.

Paxton: The blessing worked! We're not invisible anymore!  

Rarity: Oh, thank goodness for that. 

Miguel: (looks at his finger which is back to normal and laughs but then smirks and looks at the guitar again) 

Holley Shiftwell: Uh-oh.

Miguel: [picks up the guitar again] Mariachi Plaza, here I come. 

[He and the Irelanders start to run out of the shrine but find themselves back in the Land of the Dead as they bump into piles of paperwork] 

Miguel: Oof! 

[The Riveras, Sanchezes, Oogway, Pear Butter, Bright Mac, La Muerte, Xibalba, the Candle Maker, Mufasa and Doc turn and see them] 

Irelanders: Miguel! 

Mama Imelda: Two seconds and you already break your promise.

Miguel: This isn’t fair, it’s my life. You already had yours. [picks up a marigold petal] Papa Julio, I ask for your blessing. Tía Rosita? Oscar? Felipe? Tía Victoria?

Mama Imelda: Don't make this hard for you, Mijo. You go home my way or no way.

Miguel: You really hate music that much?

Connor Lacey: What is wrong with you?! Why should he give up what he loves just to go home? 

Mama Imelda: This is a family matter. You are not family!

Twilight Sparkle: That is not true. Friends can be considered family! 

Mama Imelda: You will not speak to me that way! None of you, this is none of your business!

Kion: Uh, hello?! Am I missing something here?! Twilight is the ruler of Equestria! She can speak to anyone anyway she wants! Same for the rest of us! 

Iago: Yeah and besides, it's bad enough that we have to deal with your stupid granddaughter who upholds your stupid ban when it should have gone by your death, you cranky pile of bones! 

Blythe Baxter: For the record, I think it's you guys who are the curse! Not Miguel's great-great grandfather's music! 

Chris Kratt: That's right. Miguel ran away because of your stupid rule! Why can you let him be a musician? 

Mama Imelda: I will not let him go down the same path he did. 

[Miguel turns taking the photo out of his pocket and looking at the folded back section of Mama Coco's mystery father holding the guitar again, gets an idea]

Miguel: The same path he did. He’s family.

Victoria: Listen to your Mama Imelda.

Oscar: She’s just looking out for you.

Rosita: Be reasonable.

Miguel: Con permiso, I need to visit the rest room. 

[He exits the room] 

Miguel: Be right back.

Skeleton Man: Ah, should we tell him there are no restrooms in the Land of the Dead?

Carlos: [realizing what Miguel is trying to do] Uh, amigos? Why don't we all step outside? You know, for some fresh air? Maybe that'll ease your tempers, eh? 

Melody: I think that's a good idea, Carlos. Discord, do your thing. 

Discord: I'd thought you'd never ask. [to the Riveras] Cheerio! 

[Discord snaps his eagle claw and everyone but the Riveras teleports out of the room to Miguel and Dante who are hiding next to the stairs. They look up at the Riveras talking to an officer up above] 

Miguel: (gasps)

Russel Ferguson: We've gotta get outta here before they see us! Anyone see an exit? 

[Miguel sees the entrance a short distance away and pulls his hood over his head] 

Miguel: Vamanos. 

[They start to make their way to the entrance] 

Guard: We got a family looking for a living boy and a bunch of whacky characters.

Miguel: I wanna be a musician, I need a musician’s blessing. We gotta find my great-great-grandpa.

[A skeleton guard stops him by grabbing his shoulder]

Skeleton Guard: Hold it, muchaco.

[Miguel turns and reveals he's alive to the guard who jumps and grabs a walkie talkie]

Skeleton Guard: Huh! I found that little boy and those whacky characters! [as a group of skeletons pass] Oh, excuse me. Excuse me, folks. Excuse me. [sees Miguel and the Irelanders are gone] Oh.

[Miguel and the Irelanders are hiding behind a wall. Dante starts to walk off and they run after him into a room]

Miguel: No, no. Dante. 

Skeleton officer: Disturbing the peace. Fleeing an officer. Falsifying a unibrow.

Hector: That’s illegal?

Skeleton officer: Very illegal. You need to clean up your act, amigo.

Hector: Amigo? Oh, that’s-that’s so nice to hear you say that because I have just had a really hard Dia de Muertos and I could really use an amigo right now. And amigos, they help their amigos. Listen, you get me across that bridge tonight… and I’ll make it worth your while. You like de la Cruz? He and I go way back. I can get you front row seats to his sunrise spectacular show. I-I’ll get you backstage. You can meet him. You just gotta let me cross that bridge.

Skeleton officer: I should lock you up for the rest of the holiday. But my shift’s almost up and… I wanna visit my living family. So I’m letting you off with a warning.

[Hector snatches a piece of paper from him and starts to leave but looks at his Frida costume] 

Hector: Can I at least get my costume back?

Skeleton officer: Uh… no. 

Hector: [sighs in frustration and heads out] Ser maldito.

Jack Skellington: It's that Hector guy we saw earlier. 

Mufasa: Now do you believe us about him attempting to get across despite being told he can't like a thousand times since his death?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, we do. But why has no one ever put up his photo? 

Carmen: No one ever knows who he is or how he died. 

Connor Lacey: But he said he knows Ernesto. 

Lighting McQueen: So perhaps maybe he can help us find him so we can get his blessing. 

Skully: But can he be trusted is the question. 

June: Guess we have to find out for ourselves. 

Hiro: Come on. Let's ask him. 

[They hurry out the room to catch up with Hector] 

Miguel: Hey. Hey! You really know de la Cruz?

Hector: Who wants to… ah! Ay! You’re alive!

Carlos: Sssh! No, no, no! 

[Miguel and the Irelanders drag Hector into a phone booth and shut the door]

Adelita Sánchez: Hector! Hector! It's okay! 

Scaredlita Sánchez: They're with us! 

Miguel: Yeah, we're alive. And we want to get back to the Land of the Living… we need de la Cruz’ blessing.

Hector: That’s weirdly specific.

Mushu: The guy's Miguel's great-great-grandfather.

Hector: He’s his gr-gr-gr- what?

[Hector's eyeballs roll out of their sockets into his lower jaw like a vending machine much to Miguel and the Irelanders' disgust] 

Miguel: Ew. 

Zoe Trent: That is disgusting. 

Ron Stoppable: Tell me about it. 

[Hector knocks his eyeballs back into their sockets] 

Hector: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait. Hunh! Wait. No. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, uh, wait, Wait, uh, wait, wait, Wait, uh, wait, wait, wait, Wait, uh, wait, wait, wait, wait, Wait, uh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, Wait, uh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Yes! You’re going back to the Land of the Living!

Miguel: [as they exit the booth] You know what? Maybe this isn’t such a good…

Hector: Amigos, amigos, amigos. I can help you. You can help me. We can help each other. But most importantly, you can help me.

[Miguel and the Irelanders look to see the Riveras coming down the steps. Mama Imelda spots them] 

Mama Imelda: Miguel!

Miguel: [gasps]

Irelanders: [gasps]

Hector: I'm Hector. 

Miguel: [grabbing Hector by the arm and dragging him along as he and the Irelanders make a run for it] That’s nice.

Hector: [yelps]

[The Riveras give chase. Miguel and the Irelanders run out of the building but stop when they see Miguel is holding Hector's arm which is snapping it's fingers for them to stop. It gestures back to Hector who catches up followed by Dante] 

Hector: Esperame, amigos!

[Miguel gives Hector his arm back and he sticks it back on as they, Dante and the Irelanders run into the crowd out of sight. The Riveras push their way through the rotating door and they land flat on their faces all but Mama Imelda who simply walks out]

Mama Imelda: Ay! They are going to get themselves killed! I need my spirit guide… Pepita. [whistles]

Pepita: [roaring]

[Pepita, a giant cat like alebrije, flies down to the Rivera Family, landing on the steps. Mama Imelda strokes her nose] 

Mama Imelda: Who has that petal Miguel touched?

Julio: [holding the petal for Pepita to sniff] Here… n-nice alebrije.

Pepita: [sniffs the petal and snarls]

[Pepita sniffs down the steps and picks up Miguel and the Irelanders' scent, roaring as she flies away. Meanwhile, Maria is painting her, Miguel and the Irelanders' faces to look like skeletons to blend in using face paint from Hector] 

Hector: [to Miguel as Maria is painting his face] Hey, hey, hold still. Look up, look up. A ver, a ver. Look up, up, up! Okay. Eh.

Dante: (licks the white paint off his nose and coughs at the taste) 

Hector: [after Maria finishes painting Miguel's face and pulls his hood over his head] Ta-da! [opens a hand mirror and gives it to Miguel so he can look at his face] Dead as a doorknob.

Connor Lacey: Now everyone else here won't freak out when they see us. 

Pinkie Pie: It was a good idea to paint our faces to look like skeletons, Maria. 

Maria: Well, I learned a lot of things during my time in Europe, Pinkie. Even face-painting.

Manolo: So, listen, guys, this place runs on memories. When you’re well remembered, people put up your photo… and you get to cross the bridge and visit the living on Dia de Muertos.

Xibalba: Unless you're [gesturing to Hector] Hector.

Korra: He doesn't get to cross over?

La Muerte: No one’s ever put up his picture.

Paxton: Yeah. I wonder why that is. 

Raven Queen: Maybe because no one's taken a picture of him before?

Captain Jake: Or he's had it with him this whole time.

Hector: The pirate kid is right. I've kept my photo with me for a long time. [gives his photo to Miguel] But you can all change that.

[Miguel and the Irelanders look at Hector's photo in confusion]

Joaquin: This is you?

Hector: Eh, Muy guapo, eh?

Miguel: So, you get us to my great-great-grandpa… Then we put up your photo when we get home?

Hector: Such a smart boy! Yes! Great idea, yes! One hiccup, de la Cruz is a tough guy to get to… and I need to cross that bridge soon. Like tonight. So, you got any other family here, you know? Someone a bit more, eh, accessible?

Miguel: Um… nope.

Hector: Don’t yank my chain, chamaco. You gotta have some other family.

Miguel: (handing the photo back to Hector and walking off with the Irelanders) Only de la Cruz. If you can’t help us, we’ll find him ourselves.

Fuli: Yeah, besides this team has a bunch of members with very good noses and ears. 

Ono: Yes, as long as we still have them before we become nothing but bones. (shudders) 

Starlight Glimmer: So, good luck with trying to get across that bridge. 

Dante: [barks and follows]

Hector: Ugh. Okay, okay, kid. Fine, fine. I’ll get you and your friends to your great-great-grandpa.

[Later, they walk through the busy streets] 

Hector: It’s not gonna be easy, you know. You know, he’s a- he’s a busy man. [seeing Miguel and the Irelanders walking funny] Wait, what are you doing?

Miguel: We're walking like a skeleton. Blending in.

Hector: No. Skeletons don’t walk like that.

Kim Possible: It's how you walk. 

Hector: No, I don’t. [shoving Miguel forward] Stop it!

Miguel: [seeing a billboard for the Sunrise Spectacular nearby] Whoa! Ernesto de la Cruz’ Sunrise Spectacular? Que padre?

Hector: (groans in annoyance) Every year, your great-great-grandpa puts on that dumb show to mark the end of Dia de Muertos.

Annie: But you said you know him. A-a-and you can get us in!

Hector: Um....

Miguel: Hey, you said you had front-row tickets!

Hector: That… that was a lie. I apologize for that.

Carlos: Ugh, Hector, you've gotta stop telling-tales. 

Hector: Cool off, Carlos, come on. I’ll get you and the others to him.

Miguel: How? 

Hector: ‘Cause I happen to know where he’s rehearsing.

[Later, they're at a big building. Hector uses one of his straps as a slingshot to launch one of his arms up to a window. Inside, a female fashionista skeleton named Cezi is stitching together a dress when Hector's arm knocks on the window, getting her attention. She sees it and it waves. She walks over to the window in frustration and opens it, pointing Hector's own finger at him] 

Cezi: Ugh. You better have my dress, Héctor.

Hector: Hola, Ceci! Ay!

[Cezi throws Hector's arm back to him and spins a handel which causes the fire-escape stairs to unfold into a ladder. Hector, Miguel, Dante and the Irelanders climb them up into Cezi's room] 

Miguel: Hola.

Hector: Cezi! I lost the dress.

Cezi: Ay, diosa Mia (Oh my Goddess)! I’ve got to dress 40 dancers by sunrise. And thanks to you… I’m one Frida short of an opening number.

Miguel: [as Dante starts to wonder into the rehearsel room] Dante. Dante! We shouldn’t be in here.

Raven Queen: I think he's leading us in here for a reason, Miguel. 

[They watch a naked female skeleton being painted when she and the artist look at him, causing them to carry on. Dante sniffs his way to a devil head model when a monkey-like alebrije jumps out from underneath and slaps him. The alebrije then starts riding Dante like a bucking bronko with Miguel and the Irelanders trying to catch him only to make a mess in the process] 

Miguel: Dante! Ven ac!

Melody: Someone catch him! 

Dante: [barking] 

Monkey-like alebrije: (chittering and screeching)

[The monkey-like alebrije jumps onto the shoulders of the real Frida Kahlo who turns and spots Miguel and the Irelanders] 

Frida: You! How did you all get in here?

Miguel: We just followed my…

Frida: [sees Dante and gasps] Oh, the mighty Xolo dog! Guider of wandering spirits. And whose spirits have you guided to me?

Miguel: I don’t think he’s a spirit guide.

Applejack: He just looks like a normal dog, if you ask me.

Frida: Uh-uh-uh! The alebrijes of this world can take many forms. They are as mysterious as they are powerful.

[The monkey-like alebrije changes colours and breathes blue fire before coughing. Dante gets his foot stuck in his throat and tries to cough it up when Maria slaps him on the neck causing his leg to come out]

Frida: Or maybe he’s just a dog, like you said. Come! I need all of your eyes.

[She ushers Miguel and the Irelanders onto a bench] 

Frida: You all are the audience.

[She claps her hands and the lights go out]

Frida: Darkness! [lights a match] And from the darkness… A giant papaya!

[A spotlight comes on revealing the papaya which dancers dressed like Frida come out of] 

Frida: Dancers emerge from the papaya. And the dancers… Are all me! And they go to drink from the milk of their mother. Who is a cactus. But who is also me!

[The spotlight shows the cactus with Frida's face painted on it as the dancers climb up it]

Frida: And her milk is not milk… but tears.

[A dancer sucks in a blue transparent tear from the eye of the cactus]

Frida: Is it too obvious?

Irelanders: Uh....

Miguel: I think it’s just the right amount of obvious. It could use some music. Oh, what if you did like… Tun-tun-tun-tun-tun?

[Frida clicks her fingers and the orchestra copies the tune] 

Apple White: Oh, and then it could go… Darala-dalala-dalala-dalala Whenk?

[The orchestra copies the tune again] 

Frida: And what if everything was on fire?

Frida Dancers: (gasp)

Frida: Yes! Fire everywhere! Inspired. You. You have the spirit of an artist.

[Miguel and the Irelanders smile and the orchestra continues as the dancers flip out of sight]

Frida: The dancers exit. The music fades. The lights go out. And Ernesto de la Cruz rises to the stage.

Miguel: (gasps)

[What looks like Ernesto rises up on a platform but when the spotlight comes on, it's revealed to be a prop made from different materials much to Miguel and the Irelanders' confusion] 

Miguel: Huh?

Ashima: That's weird. I thought Hector said he'd be here. 

Connor Lacey: Yeah, who doesn't show up to their own rehearsal? 

Frida: He does a couple of songs. The sun rises. Everyone cheers.

Miguel: Excuse me, where’s the real de la Cruz?

Frida: Ernesto doesn’t do rehearsals. He’s too busy hosting that fancy party at the top of his tower.

[Miguel and the Irelanders look out of the window at Ernesto's tower off in the distance]

Miguel: [sighs] 

Capper: How are we supposed to get over there?

Penny Ling: Beats me.

Hector: [comes in] Amigos, you can’t run off on me like that. Come on, stop pestering the celebrities.

Miguel: You said my great-great-grandpa would be here. He’s halfway across town throwing some big party.

Hector: That bum. Who doesn’t show up to his own rehearsal?

Oogway: Like I said, one often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it. 

Pear Butter: If you're such good friends, how come he didn't invite you? 

Hector: He's Miguel's great-great grandpa. How come he didn't invite him? [to a skeleton in the orchestra named Gustavo] Hey, Gustavo! You know anything about this party?

Gustavo: Sh-it’s the hot ticket! But if you’re not on the guest list, you’re never gettin’ in, Chorizo.

Girl skeleton: Hey, it’s Chorizo!

Orchestra: [laughing] 

Hector: Ah-ha, very funny, guys. Very funny.

Twilight Sparkle: Chorizo? 

Gustavo: Oh, this guy’s famous. Go on, go on. Ask him how he died.

Hector: I-I don’t wanna talk about it.

Gustavo: He choked on some chorizo!

Orchestra: [laughing]

Miguel and Irelanders: [giggling] 

Hector: I didn’t choke, okay? I got food poisoning which is a big difference.

Orchestra: [laughing] 

Hector: This is why I don’t like musicians. Bunch of self-important jerks!

Miguel: Hey, I’m a musician.

Cruz Ramirez: And so's Manolo here. 

Hector: You are?

Gustavo: Well… If you really wanna get to Ernesto… there is that music competition at the Plaza de la Cruz. Winner gets to play at his party.

Manolo: [gasps getting an idea] That's it! All we have to do is win the contest!  

Elsa: That's a great idea! If we win the contest, we get to play at Ernesto's party and get his blessing! 

Hector: No, no, no, amigos! You are loco if you think…

Miguel: [seeing he and the Irelanders are becoming more skeleton like by the minute] We need to get my great-great grandfather’s blessing. You know where I can get a guitar?

Hector: (sighs) Ay… I know a guy.

[Meanwhile, Pepita is continuing to follow the scent when she comes across one of Hector's face paint pots on the ground and sniffs it]

Mama Imelda: Have you found them, Pepita? Have you found our boy and his friends?

[Pepita moves the pot aside and breathes blue fire on the ground revealing a footprint]

Rosita: A footprint!

Julio: It’s a Rivera boot.

Oscar: Size seven!

Felipe: And a half.

Victoria: Pronated.

Mama Imelda: Miguel.

[Pepita breathes more fire illuminating a trail of foot prints. Meanwhile, Miguel, the Irelanders and Hector walks down some old steps]

Hector: Why the heck would you wanna be a musician?

Miguel: My great-great-grandfather’s a musician.

Hector: Who spent his life performing like a monkey for complete strangers? Blech! No, no, thank you, no.

Miguel: What do you know? So, how far is this guitar, anyway?

Hector: We’re almost there.

[He jumps off a plank, smashing to pieces upon hitting the ground and putting himself back together just as quickly afterwards]

Hector: Keep up, amigos, come on!

Diego: How does he do that?

Pear Butter: Skeletons putting themselves back together as quickly as they fall apart? That was La Muerte's doing.

La Muerte: It's true. You see me and Xibalba had the idea of merging our two realms into one. 

Xibalba: Yeah. I guess you could say this part of the place is the Land of the Forgotten itself in a way. 

Jimmy Z: Wow. Didn't see that coming.

Hector: [whistling] 

[They walks under an archway into a slum like village]

Skeletons: Cousin Héctor!

Hector: Hey! These guys!

Skeleton: Héctor!

Hector: Hey, tio, qu onda?

Miguel: These people are all your family?

Hector: Eh… yeah, in a way. We’re all the ones with no photos or ofrendas. No family to go home to. Nearly forgotten, you know? So we all call each other "cousin" or "tio" or-or whatever.

Sunset Shimmer: Oh, we get it.

Ono: Indeed. These people are very unfortunate here.

Fluttershy: Oh, you poor things. 

Frog alebrije: [ribbiting] 

Dante: (whimpering as he gets splashed)

Female old skeleton: Héctor!

Hector: Tia Chelos! 

Old female skeletons: Hey! Muchas gracias.

Hector: Save some for me. Is Chicharrón around?

Tia Chelos: In the bungalow. I don’t know if he’s in the mood for visitors.

Hector: Ah, who doesn’t like a visit from cousin Héctor?

[Hector, Dante, Miguel and the Irelanders enter the bungalow. They walk inside, Miguel accidentally nearly knocking some boxes over in the process. Hector lifts a hat from a hammock, revealing Chicharron's head underneath]

Hector: Buenas noches, Chicharrón.

Chicharrón: I don’t want to see your stupid face, Héctor.

Hector: Come on, It's Dia de Muertos. I brought you a little offering.

Chicharrón: Get outta here!

Hector: I would Chich, but the thing is… me and my friends Miguel and the Irelanders… we really need to borrow your guitar.

Chicharrón: [grabbing his guitar] My guitar?

Hector: Yes.

Chicharrón: My prized, beloved guitar?

Maria: Please, just for a bit. We need it for a music competition.

Hector: Senorita Posada is right. I promise we’ll bring it right back.

Chicharrón: Like the time you promised to bring back my van?

Hector: Eh… 

Chicharrón: Or my mini fridge?

Hector: Oh, you see…

Chicharrón: Or my good napkins, my lasso, my femur?! 

Hector: No, not like those things.

Chicharrón: (grabbing Hector's beard) Where’s my femur, you…

[Suddenly, Chicharron pulses orange]

Hector: Oh, oh. You okay, amigo?

Chicharrón: I’m fading, Héctor. I can feel it. I couldn’t even play that thing if I wanted to. You, play me something.

Hector: You know I don't play anymore, Chich. The guitar's for the kid and his friends.

Chicharron: You want it, you got to earn it. 

Oogway: Hector. He's an old friend. Why don't you accept his request? Just this one time?

Hector: Ay. [takes the guitar] Only for him, Oogway. [to Chicharron] Any requests? 

Chicharron: (laughs) You know my favorite, Héctor.

[Hector starts to play the guitar as Miguel and the others sit down to watch]

Hector: Well, everyone knows Juanita~

Her eyes each a different color~

Her teeth stick out~

And her chin goes in~

And her…~

Knuckles they drag on the floor~

Chicharron: Those aren’t the words.

Hector: There are children present. [singing] Her hair is like a brier~

She stands in a bow-legged stance~

And if I weren’t so ugly~

She’d possibly give me a chance~

Chicharron: [chuckles] Brings back memories. [removes his hat and puts it on his chest] Gracias.

[Chicharron glows bright yellow. Hector hangs his head in sadness and Miguel and the Irelanders watch as Chicharron vanishes in a trail of golden dust. Dante lets out a small whimper and Hector holds his drink in the air in respect for his fallen friend before drinking and placing the glass upside down on the table. He heads out and Miguel and the others follow him]

Miguel: Wait, what happened?

Hector: He’s been forgotten.

La Muerte: When there’s no one left in the living world who remembers you… you disappear from this world. We call it "The Final Death".

Candle Maker: Yeah, man. When La Muerte and Xibalba merged their two realms into one, the way people are forgotten has changed since then. 

Connor Lacey: Where did he go?

Hector: No one knows.

Annie: But we’ve met him. We could remember him… when we go back.

Hector: No, it doesn’t work like that, chamaca.

Bunga: What do you mean?

Hector: Our memories… They have to be passed down by those who knew us in life. In the stories they tell about us. But there’s no one left alive to pass down Chich’s stories.

Fluttershy: Oh, my. 

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: [sighs] Poor fella. 

Hector: Hey, it happens to everyone eventually. Come on, de la Cruzito, you’ve got a contest to win.

[They look at the glasses one more time before heading out. Later, they are on a cable car] 

Miguel: You told us you hated musicians. You never said you were one.

Spike: Yeah, how'd you learn to play guitar like that?

Hector: How do you think I knew Miguel's great-great-grandpa? We used to play music together. Taught him everything he knows.

Manolo: You played with Ernesto de la Cruz? The greatest musician of all time?

Hector: We were just a couple of kids.It was real Rinky-dink stuff. But you learn a lot playing on the road.

Miguel: You don't know what you're talking about.

Beshte: Hey, look! We're here! 

[They see the Plaza de la Cruz below] 

Hector: Welcome to Plaza de la Cruz! Showtime, amigos! 

[They get off the cable car and make their way down to the stage]

Skeleton woman: Whoo!

Stall man: Querer lo, t-shirts, bobbleheads.

[A skeleton dressed like a horse runs with spinning fireworks. A skeleton woman with a tall light blue hairstyle pops out of an eye in the painted skull on stage] 

Skeleton Woman: Bienvenidos a todos! Ow! ha-hah-ay! Who’s ready for some musica? It’s a Battle of the Bands, amigos. The winner gets to play for the maestro himself… Ernesto de la Cruz on his fiesta tonight!

Skeletons: [cheering] 

Hector: That’s our ticket, amigos!

Skeleton woman: Let the competition begin!

[We view various acts before cutting backstage where Hector, Miguel, Dante and the Irelanders are getting ready] 

Apple White: Alright, all we gotta do now is pick a good song. 

Kion: Yeah. So, what are you gonna play, Miguel?

Miguel: Definitely "Remember Me."

Hector: No, not that one. No.

Quincy: Come on, it’s the most popular song.

Hector: Ah, it’s too popular.

Skeleton Musician: Remember me though I have to travel far~

Skeleton couple: Remember me, Don’t let it make you cry~

[Another skeleton taps the tune on glasses] 

Kim Possible: OK, there goes plan A. Got a plan B?

Miguel: Um, what about… Poco Loco?

Hector: Epa! Now, that’s a song.

Joaquin: Excellent choice. That will do for the performance. 

Male voice: I think so too. 

Aisling: Huh? Who said that? 

[Kerchak walks up to them] 

Connor Lacey: Kerchak! 

Kerchak: Irelanders. So good to see you all again. 

Fuli: You know this gorilla? 

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, Fuli. He's Tarzan's gorilla father and was leader of his family who was killed when an evil hunter named Clayton shot him. Tarzan took over leadership after his death. 

Kerchak: Yes. In life, I didn't accept Tarzan as my son since he look so different from my family though my mate, Kala raised him after our other son was killed by Sabor. I was cold and grumpy and never understand that he is always been one of us regardless. Wild Kratts, I hope that you forgive me for attacking you when we first met, along with Jane, her father and Clayton. 

Chris Kratt: Of course we do, big fella. 

Martin Kratt: What kind of friends would we be if we didn't?

Aviva Corcovado: We make creature powers to protect animals like yourself from our enemies to make sure they'd be living free and in the wild. 

Kerchak: I see that now. How's Tarzan and my family been doing? 

Connor Lacey: They're doing great. Tarzan's doing a good job protecting your family with us helping him and we've faced many enemies along the way like Queen La, ruler of the leopard people who wants to have Tarzan as her wife, poachers, leopards like Nuru & Sheeta, Hista and your old rival, Tublat.

Kerchak: Tublat has returned?

Mewtwo: Yes, but don't worry, we helped Tarzan stop from taking over your family. 

Kerchak: Well, looks like my son's done a good job. Who is this with you? 

Manolo: Oh, this is Miguel Rivera. 

Dora: We're trying to help him find his great-great grandfather who we think is Ernesto de la Cruz so he can get his blessing to go back to the Land of the Living and prove his family wrong about music being a curse. 

Discord: That also includes us since some of our bodies are already turning into bones and rust. 

[They show Kerchak what they're talking about]

Kerchak: I see. Perhaps I can help you get back to make amends for my poor behavior towards all of you.

Lightning McQueen: That would be helpful of you. 

Pear Butter: And it would help you make up for your past mistakes.

Mufasa: Yes, this is your chance to redeem yourself, Kerchak. Thank you. 

Staff skeleton: De la Cruzito! You’re on standby. Los Chachalacos, you’re up next.

[A skeleton band heads on stage] 

Crowd: Los Chachalacos!

[The band starts playing. Miguel watches nervously and walks over to some boxes. He sits down on them]

Connor Lacey: Are you alright, Miguel?

Miguel: I don't know. I've never performed before.

Hector: What? You said you were a musician!

Manolo: Well, before he could even get to his first performance, we needed a guitar from De La Cruz, which is why we're stuck here in the first place.

Miguel: I am! I mean, I-I will be. Once I win. 

Hector: Ay! That’s your plan? No, no, no, no. You have to win, Miguel. Your life literally depends on you winning. And you’ve never done this before? I'II go up. 

Miguel: Uh, n-no! I need to do this.

Hector: Why?

Miguel: If I can’t go out there and play one song… how can I call myself a musician?

Hector: What does that matter?

Miguel: ‘Cause I don’t just want to get de la Cruz’ blessing. I need to prove that… that I’m worthy of it.

Rarity: Oh. Oh, that’s such a sweet sentiment. At such a bad time!

Hector: Okay! Okay, okay. Okay. Okay, you wanna perform? Then you’ve got to perform! First, you have to loosen up. Shake off those nerves.

[He shakes his arms and flips his head in the air. Miguel just shakes himself]

Hector: Now, give me your best grito.

Miguel: My best grito?

Hector: Come on, yell. Belt it out. Haooeyy-he-he-hey! Oh, it feels good. Okay, now, now, now you.

Miguel: A-a-eh. Aeh… Ay… Ay…ay… Ay…ay…ay.

Irelanders: [covering their ears] Ow!

Dante: [whimpering] 

Hector: Oh, come on, kid.

Violet Parr: You're gonna have to do better than that. 

Dusk: Guys, the other band is finishing. We'll have to discuss this later.

[The band on stage finishes and the crowd goes wild]

Crowd: [cheering]

Staff skeleton: De la Cruzito! You’re on now!

Hector: Miguel, look at me. Hey, hey, look at me.

Staff skeleton: Come on, let’s go!

Hector: You can do this. Grab their attention and don’t let it go!

Miguel: Héctor…

Hector: Make them listen, chamaco. You’ve got this.

Female Announcer: De la Cruzito!

Hector: Arriba! Hey! 

[Miguel walks on stage and silence ensues]

Miguel: [pants nervously and steps back]

Hector: Eh… What’s he doing? Why isn’t he playing?

Fluttershy: I think he's got stage fright, like me. 

Mako: That's not good.

Skeleton in the audience: Bring back the singing dog!

Miguel: (panting nervously) 

[Hector does the nerve-shake again and gestures to the crowd]

Manolo: [holding his guitar up to show Miguel the message] Go on. 

Miguel: (exhales) Hunh! Aah-aaah-aaayy!

Audience: (cheering) 

[The song Poco Loco starts playing as Miguel starts strumming his guitar] 

Miguel: What color is the sky?~

Ay, mi amor, ay, mi amor~

You tell me that it’s red~

Ay, mi amor, ay, mi amor~

Where should I put my shoes?~

Ay, mi amor, ay, mi amor~

You say, "put them on your head!"~

Ay, mi amor, ay, mi amor~

You make me un poco loco un poquititito loco~

The way you keep me guessing~

I’m nodding and I’m yesing~

I'll count it as a blessing~

That I'm only un poco loco!~

[Dante drags Hector and the Irelanders onto the stage and they start dancing as Manolo joins in the strumming with Miguel]

Hector: No, no, no! 

Crowd: [cheering]

[Hector starts tap dancing]

Shimmer: See, Miguel? We told you there was nothing to be afraid of. 

Miguel: And you were right. [to Hector] Not bad for a dead guy. 

Hector: Not so bad yourself, gordito. Eso!

[As they continue to perform, Pepita arrives still sniffing the scent and breathes blue fire showing the footprints again]

Mama Imelda: They're close! Find them! 

[The Riveras start searching the crowd as the song continues] 

Hector: The loco that you make me~

It is just un poco crazy~

The sense that you’re not making~

Miguel: The liberties you’re taking~

Miguel and Hector: Leaves my cabeza shaking~

You are just un poco loco!~

Hector: Numero uno, Miguelito!

Miguel: Aah-haa-haaoo!

Hector: Rrrr-aaayy-aaayy!

Dante: (howling)

Irelanders: Whoo-hoo! Yes! Alright!

[Oscar and Felipe are talking to a male skeleton]

Oscar: We’re looking for a living kid and a bunch of whacky characters.

Felipe: About twelve?

Rosita: [to a skeleton couple] Have you seen a living boy and a bunch of whacky characters?

[The couple shake their heads and she moves on. Onstage] 

Miguel and Hector: Un poquiti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti ti-ti-ti-ti-to loco!~


Crowd: (cheering)

Hector: Hey! You did good! I’m proud of you. Eso!

Mushu: We knew you had it in ya! 

Cri-Kee: (chitters) 

Miguel: (gasps) 

[He spots his family in several spots in the crowd and yanks Hector and the Irelanders off the stage]

Hector: Hey, where are you going?

Miguel: We gotta get outta here.

Spike: What, are you crazy? We’re about to win this thing.

[The announcer steps onto the stage]

Announcer: Damas y caballeros… I have a emergency announcement. Please be on the look out for a living boy and a bunch of whacky characters. Answer to the name of Miguel and the Irelanders. Earlier tonight, they ran away from his family. They just want to send them back to the Land of the Living.

Hector: Wait, wait, wait. You said de la Cruz was your only family. The only person who could send you and your friends home.

Miguel: I do have other family, but…

Hector: You and your friends could have taken my photo back this whole time?

Shine: Miguel's family hate music, Hector. That's why he needs a musician's blessing. 

Hector: You lied to me!

Miguel: Oh, you’re one to talk.

Applejack: Alright, everypony, let's just calm down and take this one step at a time. 

Iago: We would have told you the truth but you're too much of a wimp to handle it! 

Hector: Look at me, I’m being forgotten, Iago. I don’t even know if I’m gonna last the night. I’m not gonna miss my one chance to cross that bridge ‘cause Miguel wants to live out some stupid musical fantasy.

Miguel: It’s not stupid.

Hector: (grabbing Miguel's arm) I’m taking you to your family.

Miguel: Let go of me.

Hector: You’ll thank me later.

Miguel: You don’t wanna help us. You only care about yourself. [tosses Hector's photo to him] Keep your dumb photo.

Hector: [chases after it] No! No, no, no!

Miguel: Stay away from me! 

[Miguel starts to head off as the Irelanders follow him. Hector tries to catch his photo] 

Hector: No! No, no! [catches it then looks back and sees Miguel and the Irelanders are gone] Hey, amigos? Where did you go?

[Miguel and the Irelanders walk down some stairs and Hector looks around for them in the crowd]

Hector: Amigos! I'm sorry! Come back.

[Miguel reaches the bottom of the stairs. He looks at Ernesto's tower in the distance and starts to head toward it. Dante and the Irelanders arrive at the bottom of the stairs and follow Miguel] 

Dante: [barks]

Miguel: Dante, cllate. [Dante grabs his leg and starts pulling] Don't! Dante, stop it! He can’t help me. [Dante grabs his arm] Dante, stop. Stop it. [yanks himself free] Leave me alone! You’re not a spirit guide, you’re just a dumb dog. Now get outta here! 

[Dante backs off as the Irelanders arrive. A male skeleton spots Miguel] 

Male Skeleton: It’s him!

Female Skeleton: It’s that living boy and those whacky characters!

Male Skeleton 2: I’ve heard about him, look!

Female skeleton 2: They're alive. 

Irelanders: [gasps]

[A male skeleton taps the shoulder of a police officer skeleton. Miguel and the Irelanders make a run for it, jumping over rail car tracks and sliding down polls. Miguel tries reach the tower but Pepita lands in front of him and the Irelanders and roars] 

Pepita: (roars)

Miguel: (screams)

Irelanders: Aaaah!

Mama Imelda: This nonsense ends now, Miguel! I am giving you my blessing, and you and yours friends are going home.

Miguel: [runs off with the Irelanders in pursuit] I don’t want your blessing.

Mama Imelda: Miguel! Stop! Come back!

[Mama Imelda runs after Miguel and the Irelanders through a doorway up a stairs. They squeeze through the bars of a gate as she catches up]

Mama Imelda: Miguel! I am trying to save you and your friends' lives.

Miguel: You’re ruining my life.

Mama Imelda: What?

Miguel: Music’s the only thing that makes me happy. A-and you… you wanna take that away. You’ll never understand.

Oogway: Imelda, there's a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present. 

[As Miguel and the Irelanders head on, Imelda looks down and closes her eyes]

Mama Imelda: Y aunque la vida me cueste, Llorona~

No dejar de quererte~

Miguel: I-I thought you hated music.

Mama Imelda: Oh, I loved it. I remember that feeling. When my husband would play, and I would sing. And nothing else mattered. But when we had Coco… suddenly, there was something in my life that mattered more than music. I wanted to put down rules. He wanted to play for the world. We each made a sacrifice to get what we wanted. Now, you must make a choice.

Melody: That's no excuse for keeping Miguel from achieving his dream! You're making the same mistake my grandfather, King Triton, ruler of the merpeople made! Why can't you see that?! 

Mama Imelda: What do you mean he ban music? 

Melody: Long ago, he banned music because of his heartbreak of my grandmother, Queen Athena's death by a pirate ship, which he didn't know was an accident which also caused him to hate humans. This cause a strain on my mother, Ariel because he thinks her happy nature disturbs his strict schedule and that makes her unhappy but after she foiled Marina's plot to kill Sebastian the crab while finding the music box, Grandfather allowed music again and made Sebastian his court composer. It happened before my mother met my dad and I was born. 

Mama Imelda: He allowed music to return, just to have his daughter happy? 

Melody: That and after Ursula's defeat, he saw that the whole pirate ship killing my grandmother thing was accident and let my mother marry my father, the human Prince Eric. He also lost his hatred for humans that day. So, if he can learn from his mistakes, why can't you?!

Miguel: Melody's right. I don’t wanna pick sides. Why can’t you be on my side? That’s what family’s supposed to do. Support you. But you never will.

Connor Lacey: Now you see why Manolo says you and his family have so much in common despite one difference: Manolo's family didn't ban music. They were bullfighters.

Carlos: Yes and I beg you, don't make the same mistakes King Triton and I made. It'II make Miguel unhappy for the rest of his life. 

Mufasa: Yes, and may I suggest that you think about what we've said and take those words into consideration. 

Twilight Sparkle: Come on, everyone. 

[Miguel and the Irelanders head off, leaving Imelda with a sad look on her face. Later, we view Ernesto's tower as a security greets guests]

Security Guard: Have a good time.

Skeleton Woman: Oh, how exciting!

[A wrestler skeleton and a girl skeleton in a glittery dress step forward]

Security Guard: Oh, El Santo! I-I-I’m a big fan. You mind if I?

[El Santo nods and the guard detaches his head and gives to El Santo to snap a picture before putting his head back on] 

Security Guard: Gracias, senor. [sees Miguel and the Irelanders] Invitation?

Miguel: It’s okay, I’m Ernesto’s great-great-grandson. [strikes the pose] Heh.

[Seconds later, Miguel and the Irelanders are flung out]

Miguel: Ugh! [sighs] 

Connor Lacey: Okay, that's plan A exhausted. Anyone got a Plan B? 

Merlin: Oh! Violet and I can use the powers of stealth to sneak in and get you guys in! Nobody will see us. Invisibility on! 

[He blows smoke but nothing happens] 

Violet Parr: Is that gonna be your answer for every situation like this one?

Merlin: Yes, Violet. We're both good hiders. That's what my three funnels are for.

Miguel: Well, that explains it. 

Elsa: Wait, look! 

[They look and see the Los Chachalacos from before] 

Kion: It's those Los Chachalacos guys from before. 

June: Maybe they can give us a hand. 

Capper: Or paw if you were me. 

Connor Lacey: Let's just ask them. 

[They head over to them] 

Miguel: Disculpe, senores.

Los Chachalacos member 1: Hey, hey, guys, it’s Poco Loco!

Los Chachalacos member 2: You were on fire tonight.

Miguel: You too! Hey, musician to musician, we need a favor. 

[Later, the band stands in the line and show the guard their winner's certificate]

Guard: Oh, the competition winners. Congratulations, chicos.

[The band gets in the cable car which carries the passengers up the tower. Inside, a band member finds Miguel in his trumpet and blows him out into Manolo's arms] 

Miguel: Thanks guys.

Jiminy Cricket: Well, that's one way to get past a guard.

Korra: Yeah. Great plan, Miguel. 

Manolo: Hey, look! We're here! 

[The doors of the car open and they step out taking in the view of the large mansion in front of them]

Miguel: Oh.

Irelanders: Wow.

Los Chachalacos member 1: Hey, enjoy the party, little musico and friends.

Miguel: Gracias.

Connor Lacey: Okay, keep your eyes peeled everyone. Ernesto could be anywhere.

Violet Parr: You heard him. 

[They look around] 

Porcupine alebrije: [chitters] 

[A magician skeleton does some magic as they continue to look around]

Female skeleton: Look, it’s Ernesto.

[They see Ernesto heading inside the building with his back turned]

Miguel: De la Cruz.

Lightning McQueen: We'd better catch up to him before we lose him! 

Dusty Crophopper: McQueen's right, come on!

[They hurry up the stairs and squeeze their way through the crowd to catch up with Ernesto] 

Miguel: Senor de la Cruz! Pardon us. Senor de la Cruz! Senor de la…

[They enter a huge ball room where a DJ skeleton plays music while scenes from a variety of Ernesto's movies play out on screens]

PA: When you see your moment, you mustn’t let it pass you by. You must seize it. We’re almost there, Dante.

Irelanders: Whoa.

[They get blocked by another crowd of skeletons and have to jump to see how far Ernesto is]

Miguel: Senor de la Cruz! Senor de la…

Zazu: He's stopped but how are we gonna get his attention?

Rainbow Dash: Uh, ahem. [gestures to a scene on a screen nearby] 

Woman: But what can we do? It is hopeless.

Ernesto: You must have faith, sister.

Woman: Oh, but Padre, he will never listen.

Ernesto: He will listen to music.

Bright Mac: I think that answers your question, partner. 

[Miguel gets an idea and he and the Irelanders climb up to the top of the stairs. He holds his guitar and takes a deep breath] 

Miguel: Rrrr-aaoo-aaoo-aao-aahh!

[The entire room falls silently and Miguel starts playing his guitar with Manolo joining in] 

Miguel: Senoras y senores~

Buenas tardes~

Buenas noches~

Senoritas y senores~

To be here with you tonight~

Brings me joy,~

Que alegra~

For this music is my language~

And the world es mi familia~

For this music is my language~

And the world es mi familia~

For this music is my language~

And the woo-orld es mi familia~

For this music is my~

Lang....~ [spoken] Ah!

[The song is cut short as Miguel falls into a swimming pool shaped like Ernesto's guitar] 

Crowd: (gasps)

Irelanders: Miguel! 

Ernesto: (gasps)

[Having seen the whole thing, Ernesto hands his sombrero to a skeleton and runs to the pool. He jumps in and grabs Miguel, unstraps him from his guitar and drags him to the surface]

Miguel: [coughing] 

Ernesto: Are you all right, nino?

Miguel: (coughing) 

Ernesto: It-it’s you. Y-you are that boy and those whacky characters. The ones who came from the Land of the Living.

Connor Lacey: Wait, you've heard about us?

Ernesto: You’re all anyone has been talking about. Why have you come here?

Miguel: I’m Miguel. Your g-great-great-grandson. These are the Irelanders. 

Twilight Sparkle: It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Senor de la Cruz. 

[Ernesto looks confused] 

Ernesto: I have a great-great-grandson?

Miguel: My friends and I need your blessing. So I can go back home and be a musician just like you. The rest of our family… they wouldn’t listen. But I… I hoped you would.

[Ernesto's expression changes from confusion to happiness] 

Ernesto: My boy, with a talent like yours… how could I not listen? [Miguel hugs him] Haha! I have a great-great-grandson!

Crowd: (cheering) 

[Miguel hugs Ernesto's head and Ernesto taps his leg in comfort. Outside, Hector, in his Frida disguise makes his way to the cable car] 

Female skeleton: Look, it’s Frida!

Hector: Yes, it is I, Frida Kahlo.

Guard: It is an honor, senora.

Hector: Gracias.

[The doors close and Hector turns around, though have his unibrow comes loose so he sticks it back on. With Ernesto, Miguel and the Irelanders]

Ernesto: Hey, Negrete, Infante. Have you met my great-great-grandson? My great-great-grandson! He is alive and a musician, to boot.

Miguel: Dimple, no dimple. Dimple, no dimple. 

Ernesto: No dimple!

Everyone: [laughing]

[They watch a movie] 

Man: To our friendship. [with Miguel, Manolo and Joaquin] Haha! I’d move heaven and earth for you, mi amigo. Salud! 

[Ernesto and the man on screen drink their drinks but Ernesto spits his out, realizing it's poisoned] 

Ernesto: [with Miguel, Manolo and Joaquin] Poison! 

Ernesto: You know, I did all my own stunts.

Will Vandom: No, really? 

Ernesto: Yes. 

Ernesto, Miguel, Irelanders and skeletons: Though I have to say goodbye~

Remember me~

[Ernesto shows them his offering room]

Ernesto: All of this came from my amazing fans in the Land of the Living. They leave me more offerings than I know what to do with.

Cat Noir: Wow. Quite a stockpile you've got. 

Sunset Shimmer: And I admit you've got some cute alebrijes. 

Aviva Corcovado: Guys, is it me or does Miguel look sad?

Ernesto: Hey, what’s wrong? Is it too much? You look overwhelmed.

Miguel: N-no, It’s all great.

Ernesto: But?

Miguel: It’s just… I’ve been looking up to you my whole life. You’re the guy who actually did it. But did you ever regret it? Choosing music over everything else?

Ernesto: It was hard saying goodbye to my hometown. Heading off on my own.

Miguel: Leaving your family?

Ernesto: Si. But I could not have done it differently. One cannot deny who one is meant to be. And you, my great-great-grandson… are meant to be a musician.

[He walks over to the window and Miguel and the Irelanders follow]

Ernesto: You and I, we are artists, Miguel. We cannot belong to one family. The world is our family! [fireworks explode] Ooh-hoo! Ooh! The fireworks have begun! Soon, the party will move across town for my sunrise spectacular. [gasps] Miguel, you and your friends must come to the show! You will be my guests of honor.

Miguel: You mean it?

Ernesto: Of course, my boy.

[Miguel smiles but then remembers the blessing as he look at his skeletal hands]

Miguel: We can't. We have to get home before sunrise. (shows his now skeletal torso to Ernesto)

Ernesto: Oy! I really do need to get you all home.

Cat Noir: Yeah, sorry we can't stay and watch the show. 

[Ernesto picks a petal off one of the flowers nearby]

Ernesto: It has been an honor. I am sorry to see you go, Miguel. I hope you and your friends die very soon. [Miguel looks puzzled] [chuckles] You know what I mean. [Miguel smiles] Miguel… I give you and your friends my blessing.

[But just as Miguel is about to touch the petal...]

Hector: We had a deal, amigos.

[Everyone turns to see Hector in his Frida disguise standing nearby in the shadows]

Ernesto: Who are you? What is the meaning of this? [Hector steps out of the shadows] Oh, Frida. I thought you couldn’t make it.

[Rolling his eyes, Hector puts his original body parts back on]

Hector: You and your friends said you’d take back my photo. You promised, Miguel.

Ernesto: You know this uh, man?

Miguel: We just met him tonight. He told us he knew you.

[Ernesto suddenly realizes who he's looking at as Hector reaches them] 

Ernesto: H…Héctor?

Hector: Please, Miguel and Irelanders. Put my photo up.

[Ernesto takes the photo from Hector and looks at it]

Ernesto: My friend. You’re… you’re being forgotten.

Hector: And whose fault is that?

Ernesto: Héctor, please.

Hector: Those were my songs you took. My songs that made you famous.

Miguel: What?

Irelanders: What?!

Hector: If I’m being forgotten… It’s because you never told anyone that I wrote them.

Maria: That makes no sense. De la Cruz wrote all his own songs.

Violet Parr: Yeah. Ernesto, what is going on here?

Hector: You wanna tell them? Or should I?

Ernesto: Héctor, I never meant to take credit. We made a great team, but… you died, and… I-I only sang your songs because I wanted to keep a part of you alive.

Hector: (sarcastically) Oh, how generous! 

Miguel: You really did play together.

Zoe Trent: So Hector really was telling the truth before.

Leo: He and Ernesto really were a musical duo.

Hector: Look, I don’t want to fight about it. I just want you to make it right. Miguel and his friends can put my photo up.

Ernesto: Héctor.

Héctor: And I can cross over the bridge. I could see my girl. Ernesto. Remember the night I left?

Ernesto: That was a long time ago.

Héctor: We drank together. And you told me you would move heaven and earth for your amigo. Well, I’m asking you to now.

Miguel: Heaven and earth? Like in the movie?

Hector: What?

Joaquin: That’s Don Hidalgo’s toast. In the de la Cruz movie, "El Camino a Casa."

Hector: I’m talking about my real life, Joaquin.

Miguel: No, Joaquin's right, it’s in there. [points to one of the screens] Look!

[Hector looks at the screen and watches the scene play out] 

Don Hidalgo: This calls for a toast. To our friendship! Haha! I would move heaven and earth for you, mi amigo.

Connor Lacey: But in the movie, Don Hidalgo poisons the drink.

Don Hidalgo: Salud.

Ernesto (in the film): Poison! 

Hector: That night, Ernesto. The night I left.

[We view a flashback of Ernesto and Hector when they were alive]

Hector: (voice-over) We’ve been performing on the road for months. I got homesick and I packed up my songs.

[Hector in the flashback closes his songbook and puts it in a suitcase before closing it and heading for the door]

Ernesto: You wanna give up now? When we’re this close to reaching our dream?

Hector: This was your dream. You’ll manage.

Ernesto: (grabs the suitcase desperate) I can’t do this without your songs, Héctor.

Hector: (yanks it free from Ernesto's grasp) I’m going home, Ernesto. Hate me if you want. But my mind is made up.

[Hector opens the door. Ernesto looks angry at first but then a few seconds later his expression changes to happiness]

Ernesto: Oh, I could never hate you. If you must go, then I’m… (gets an idea) I’m sending you off with a toast. To our friendship. I would move heaven and earth for you, mi amigo. Salud!

[They clink their glasses and drink their drinks. Ernesto smirks as he drinks before we cut to him and Hector walking to the train station but Hector stops and cringes in pain]

Hector: (voice-over) You walked me to the train station. But I felt a pain in my stomach. I thought it must have been something I ate.

Ernesto: Perhaps it was that chorizo, my friend.

[Hector tries to stand up but instead he drops his suitcase and collapses to the ground, dead, as Ernesto watches and the screen fades to black]

Hector: (voice-over) Or something I drank. I woke up dead.

[The flashback ends and we view Hector looking shocked]

La Muerte: That was when Xibalba and I found you. 

Xibalba: Yes, then we found Ernesto not long afterwards. 

Hector: You… poisoned me.

Ernesto: You’re confusing movies with reality, Héctor.

Hector: All this time, I thought it was just bad luck.

[We view Ernesto taking Hector's song book out of the suitcase and looking at the Remember Me page] 

Hector: I never thought that you might have… that you… [fighting Ernesto] How could you!?

Miguel: Héctor!

Raven Queen: Calm down! 

Ernesto: Security! Security!

[Two security guards run into view and grab Hector off of Ernesto. They drag him off] 

Hector: You took everything away from me! You rat!

Ernesto: Have him taken care of. He’s not well.

Hector: I just wanted to move back home! No! No!

[A guard shuts the doors behind him as Hector is dragged out]

Carmen: Poor Hector. 

Jimmy Z: Is anyone else feeling like we should be escaping right now? 

Ernesto: I apologize. Where were we?

Miguel: You were going to give us your blessing.

Ernesto: Yes… ah… Si. Miguel… Irelanders... My reputation… it is… very important to me. I would hate to have you think…

Miguel: That you m-murdered Héctor for his songs?

Ernesto: (chuckles) You don't think that. Do you? 

Miguel: I… No… Everyone knows you’re the… the good guy.

Melody: Yeah, you wouldn't expect us to suddenly burst out in anger like Hector did would you? 

Female voice: That's what you think, my dear. 

Russel Ferguson: Wait, that voice sounds familiar. 

[Linda Ryan/The Shredderette steps out of the shadows] 

Connor Lacey: Stepmother! 

Linda Ryan/The Shredderette: That's right, stepson. 

Miguel: You know this lady in the spikey armor? 

Connor Lacey: Yes, Miguel. She's Linda Ryan, my stepmother. She murdered my father and siblings as the Shredderette and framed my mammy for her crimes. 

Linda Ryan/The Shredderette: And I would have gotten away with it too if you haven't ruin my plans for the 16 realms. No matter, I have some live friends here with me. 

Twilight Sparkle: And who might these live friends be? 

[Hawk Moth appears] 

Hawk Moth: Like me, of course, your highness. 

Cat Noir: Hawk Moth! 

Bright Mac: You know that there supervillain guy with the cane?

Marionette/Ladybug: Yes. He's the one who akumatizes people with negative emotions with Akumas, little evil butterflies. He tried to steal our Miraculouses. 

Hawk Moth: Yes. You two and those Irelanders are hard to get rid of, I'II say that. We have an army here that you're familiar with, Kion. 

Kion: Oh, don't tell me...

[Army of Scar arrives]

Janja: (cackles) Got ya now, Lion Guard.

Fuli: Figured. 

Mufasa: Are those the Outlanders who are now working with Scar, Kion? 

Kion: Yes, grandfather. They're the ones I told you about. 

Reirei: Wait, that's Scar's brother, Mufasa? 

Goigoi: Whoa. Didn't see that coming. 

Kiburi: No matter if he's here. We can take him and the Irelanders down. 

Mzingo: I hope you're right. We also have allies who are now live here after their deaths, thanks to you. 

Captain Jake: Like who? 

[Growling noises are heard and Chakal appears from the shadows] 

Manolo: Chakal! 

Kerchak: You know that large hulking bandit guy covered in metal? 

Manolo: Si, Kerchak. Chakal used to terrorize all of Mexico before Joaquin and his father took him on. He sent his bandidos to attack our home town, San Angel, in search of Xibalba's Medal of Everlasting Life. 

Chakal: And I would have succeeded of getting my medal back if you fools haven't intervened or stay dead here. 

Dora: Hey, you took Xibalba's medal for your own personal gain, not caring who or what you stepped on to get what you wanted. 

Xibalba: And it's because of you taking my medal that I lost that last bet to El Chamuco! 

Chakal: I don't care about any of you! Once I get that medal back, I'II be back to life and resume my career as the bandit king once again. I have more friends that you may know from your adventures. 

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: Who's gonna be next? 

[Tai Lung appears out of nowhere as lightning flashes] 

Tai Lung: Long time no see, Irelanders. 

Oogway: Tai Lung. 

Pear Butter: You know that talking snow leopard?

Connor Lacey: Yes, Pear Butter. He's Tai Lung who used to be Master Shifu's adopted son until he was denied the Dragon Warrior title by Oogway and was imprisoned for laying waste to the Valley of Peace before escaping until Po stopped and defeated him with the Wushi Finger Hold which send him to the Spirit Realm.

Tai Lung: And I would have succeeded if you fools haven't intervened and if you all think I'm grateful for that panda for beating Kai, you're wrong because I still want revenge on him but Linda told me what Kai and I have in common despite that he took my chi, not only we share Po as our enemy but we also know Oogway our whole lives til he betray us by denying our plans of chi and the Dragon Scroll to make me the Dragon Warrior but it's blank. Why's that?

Oogway: To make something special, you just have to believe it's special. Also, you have darkness in your heart which makes you unworthy of being the Dragon Warrior which is why I refused. 

Koki: Yeah. You were not meant to be the Dragon Warrior and you never will!

Tai Lung: (snarls) We'II see about that. I will forgive Kai once we bring him back sooner or later but I have a friend who is also an enemy of you fools and that fat panda.

The Mask: I think we can all guess who that might be. 

[Lord Shen steps from the shadows] 

Jackie Chan: Lord Shen! 

Lord Shen: Good evening, everyone. 

Joaquin: You know that talking peacock? 

Jade Chan: Yes, Joaquin. Shen is from Gongman City and wanted to rule all of China with a weapon, even going so far as to eliminate Po's panda family to prevent a prophecy of being defeated by a Warrior of Black and White, which was Po himself, as told by the Soothsayer. 

Lord Shen: And I would have succeeded in doing so if you fools haven't intervened. What angers me more is the fact that all the pandas survived my attack and lived in a village as told by Linda herself instead of being dead so that no panda will defeat me! 

Aviva Corcovado: Pandas are one of the cutest animals I ever liked and you have no right to kill them all, especially Po and his father, Li Shan!

Chris Kratt: And not only that, pandas are one of the most endangered species on the planet. If you kill them all, there won't be any left!

Lord Shen: Who cares about that? What matters is that I'II make sure nothing stands in my way of conquering China, not even pandas. Greetings, Oogway, we meet at last. Tai Lung has told me so much about you.

Oogway: That I can see. Just like Tai Lung, one often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.

Lord Shen: Just like the Soothsayer, you old turtle.

Rainbow Dash: Hey, Oogway may be old but he knows what he's talking about! And he's a tortoise for your information!

Lord Shen: They both look the same to me. We have someone whom Korra heard about and would like to meet you Irelanders.

Connor Lacey: Oh, you don't mean... 

[Ozai steps from the shadows with a glare on his face] 

Korra: Ozai! 

Miguel: You know that man? 

Mako: Yes, Miguel. Ozai is an evil man who once ruled The Fire Nation to destroy all the other nations to rule the world until Aang manages to defeat him by removing his fire bending abilities. 

Connor Lacey: So you're Ozai that your daughter Azula told us about. 

Ozai: And you must the Irelanders. Thanks to that brat, my plans to rule the world as The Phoniex King is ruined and placed in the dungeons for life. At least Azula is carrying out my legacy to one day overthrow Zuko as Fire Lord and helping Linda in her plans. (to Korra) So you're the new Avatar I've heard about. Aang's death served him right for defeating me years ago. 

Korra: Hey, Aang may be dead but he did the right thing to stop you from destroying the nations and your son, Zuko makes a much better ruler, especially after your mistreatment to him like giving him that scar in his eye and I will protect the nations from threats in Aang's honor and place. 

Ozai: We'II see with Azula carrying out my legacy. There is someone in your family who would like to meet you, Elsa and it's not your parents. 

Elsa: Oh, no.

[King Runeard steps out with a glare on his face]

Elsa: Grandfather Runeard. 

King Runeard: So my granddaughter Elsa and Irelanders, finally we meet. 

Connor Lacey: You lost the right to call Elsa granddaughter long ago. We discovered that you build the dam to weaken the Enchantment Forest and kill all the Northuldra people because you feared their magic would threaten your reign as Arendelle's former king. 

King Runeard: Yes and I would have succeeded if one of them haven't cause my death. What angers me further in death is that there's magic in my family now thanks to Elsa with her ice powers. I cannot allow that. The Northuldra follow magic which means we should never trust them. Magic makes people feel too powerful... too entitled. It makes them think they can defy the will of a king which is why I planned to kill them all so that way my reign would be spared. 

Twilight Sparkle: That's not true! The Northuldra are good people and magic doesn't make them feel too powerful or entitled but do good things everywhere for everyone. 

Elsa: Twilight's right. It's just your fear. Fear is what can't be trusted. 

Razer: Trust me, Runeard. Elsa learned that the hard way. 

King Runeard: You stay out of this, you fools. Now that Elsa's here, I can finally kill her to ensure magic never be with Arendelle again but for now, we have a few more friends, starting with a leopard that you all know from before. 

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: Oh, come on. Who's next? 

[Phango appears] 

Phango: What's the matter, Incredible? Feeling outnumbered? 

Lightning McQueen: Phango. 

Miguel: You know that one eyed leopard? 

Sunset Shimmer: Yes, Miguel. Phango often kills animals for no reason after killing his clan for abandoning him and once tried to kill Khumba because he believes that by killing a half striped zebra, he'II be whole and become the most powerful leopard that ever lived. He also has an extraordinarily sense of smell that no other leopard ever have. 

Phango: Yes and it would have succeeded if you fools haven't inverted. For more info, kid, after Linda brought me back a few times, I learned about magic and the Roar of the Elders and I decided to purse my revenge against the Irelanders and kill the ponies and Kion so that their abilities will make me the most powerful hunter in the world. (snarls) 

Kion: Well, if you think that will happen, Phango, then you can think again. The Roar belongs to the leader of the Lion Guard which is me and not to other animals like you. 

Phango: We'II see about that. 

Ron Stoppable: I wonder who's next to appear. 

[Gunshots are heard and Clayton step out] 

Clayton: Like me of course, kid. 

Chris Kratt: Clayton!

Miguel: You know that guy? 

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, Miguel. Clayton is an evil hunter who once tried to capture Tarzan's gorilla family so that he can sell them in England, along with Zach, Obake, Gaston, LeFou and Team Rocket. 

Kerchak: He even shot me as well. 

Clayton: And I would have succeeded if you fools haven't help that ape man ruined my plans. 

Violet Parr: Hey, you had no right to capture those gorillas. They deserve to be free and living the wild plus you had no right to take Kerchak's life the way you did! 

Clayton: It attacked me so I pay it back. Those gorillas are nothing more than wild beasts who can easily hurt you upon sight. 

Martin Kratt: You're wrong, Clayton! Gorillas only attack if they are startled and they're actually friendly creatures who does live in family groups. 

Connor Lacey: We even met your sister, Lady Waltham who thought Tarzan killed you and tries to avenge your death by poisoning him but after Tarzan saved her from being killed by Nuru and Sheeta the two black panthers, she realized that your death was an accident and gives Tarzan the antidote and we told her about what you're really like. 

Clayton: So my sister heard about the ape man and my plans for the gorillas, eh? Well, that is a surprise but I suppose if she would have found out about it before I left, she would have objected to it but she would found out eventually. 

Razer: Yes, but don't suspect that just because she heard about it that she'll continue to follow in your footsteps now she knows the truth. 

Male voice: You fools just don't know when to quit, do you? 

Captain Jake: Oh, no. 

[Frollo step from the shadows] 

Paxton: Judge Claude Frollo! 

Miguel: You know that old man? 

Melody: Yes, Miguel. Frollo is the evil minster of justice who wants to get rid of all the gypsies in Paris due to his hatred towards them, kept Quasimodo locked up in Notre Dame after he killed his mother and wants to have Esmerelda to himself or kill her if she refuses. 

Frollo: If you fools haven't intervened with my authority, I would have succeeded, especially with killing Quasimodo like I should have done ages ago since he's a monster, unfit to live in the world and no one should love him. Those gypsies are a bad influence and they would have exterminated off the face of Paris if you never come. 

Connor Lacey: You're wrong, Frollo! Regardless of his looks, Quasimodo deserves to have love and live along with the people of Paris who now know his kind nature. Madeline become his girlfriend and love him, despite his appearance. 

Will Vandom: That's right! The gypsies are not a bad influence. They are good people like the rest of Paris. You're being so cruel to all of them like ransacking the city and make prisoners suffer with injustice!

Frollo: Silence!

Kion: Silence yourself! You have no authority over us now that you're dead. 

Linda Ryan/The Shredderette: On the congruity, Kion, we have one more dead villain whom Twilight and her friends along with you guys defeated back in Canterlot. 

Twilight Sparkle: Oh, you don't mean...

King Sombra: (cackles)

[King Sombra appears from black smoke]

Raven Queen: King Sombra! 

Miguel: You know that dark unicorn? 

Spike: Yep. He's an evil unicorn who wanted to rule the Crystal Empire long ago until Celestia and Luna turn him into shadow and banished him to the Frozen North after he cause it to vanish into thin air for a thousand years until it returns. We manages to defeat him when I returned the Crystal Heart to the crystal ponies until Discord brought him back to give Twilight more confidence as the new ruler and he destroyed the Elements of Harmony and plans to rule all of Equestria but Twilight and her friends manages to defeat him once again. 

Bright Mac: So he is one of your enemies that you fought to protect Equestria before, Applejack? 

Applejack: I'm afraid so, Pop. 

King Sombra: I would have succeeded in ruling The Crystal Empire and Equestria if you fools haven't intervened. I still can't believe that the Lord of Chaos was Grogar the whole time, faked being hurt and used me to actually help Twilight gain confidence to take over Celestia and Luna's place. No matter. Linda decided to give me another chance after I finally understand the importance of teaming up with my fellow villains to get revenge on you fools and once that's done and I'm back to life, I'II be able to rule The Crystal Empire once again with nopony standing in my way forever. 

Dusty Crophopper: No way, no how. That empire was never yours to begin with and it never will be.

King Sombra: We'II see about that.

[Familiar music starts playing]

Jack Skellington: (recognizing it) Uh-oh.

Buzzie: Oh, no. It can't be who I think it is. 

[Oogie Boogie appears] 

Oogie Boogie: Well, well well, what have we here? 

Spike: Oogie Boogie? 

Miguel: You know that guy? 

Jack Skellington: Actually, he's a sack filled with bugs. He's Oogie Boogie. He's my enemy who tried to take over Halloween Town and put Sally and Sandy Claus in his Snake and Spider Stew, which I recommend you keep away from for your own safety.

Oogie Boogie: And I would have succeeded in my plan if you and your friends haven't ruined it, Jack. Also, Rivera boy, I'm also known as the Boogyman who scares little children for my own evil pleasure to make them scared with fright. (chuckles)

Maria: Well, you may frighten little kids but not all of us are as scared of you as we used to be. 

Mewtwo: Yes and you're not taking over Halloween Town or add us to your disgusting stew!

Oogie Boogie: Oooh, I'II see to that, Mewtwo. We've got two more villains that you guys know, starting with someone who tries to sell dinosaurs to the world and created the Intoraptor.

Max (Dinosaur King): Oh, no. Not him again. 

[Eli Mills steps out of the shadows] 

Rex Owen: Eli Mills! 

Miguel: You know him? 

Zoe Drake: Of course we do. When we rescue the dinosaurs from being extinct by an volcano on Isla Nublar, we've discovered that Eli Mills plans to sell them to the highest bidder at Lockwood Manor. He even created the Intoraptor and kill Maisie's grandfather, Benjamin Lockwood. 

Eli Mills: Yes, and I would have succeeded in my plans to sell the dinosaurs for war purposes if you fools, Owen, Claire and Maisie haven't ruin the auctions. You even kill the Intoraptor and Maisie caused my death by that T-Rex and Carnator.  

Connor Lacey: That's because you were selling them to mobsters and other bad people so that they could use them for war purposes. The dinosaurs deserves to be free and in the wild and Maisie did the right thing to save them from dying from Toxic gas, even though it means that they're now living alongside us. 

Zoe Drake: And as for your plans for Maisie and that Intoraptor of yours, they didn't work out then, they're not gonna work out now!

Eli Mills: You do realize that my plans never would have happen if that old fool, John Hammond never brought back the dinosaurs back to life and created his park in the first place!

Finn McMissile: Hammond was not the fool, you were! Sure, we have run ins with dinosaurs who tried to kill us when things go wrong but we enjoyed seeing them alive again. You, on the other hand, only cares about making money of selling them and kill others who stand in your way, even Benjamin. 

Eli Mills: You guys will pay for causing my death. We have one more ally who came from NIMH whom you also killed as well. 

Raven Queen: That can only mean one thing. 

Jenner: (chuckles) That would be me of course, Raven. 

Kim Possible: Jenner. 

Oogway: You all know that rat? 

Good Fairy: Yes, Oogway. Jenner is an evil rat who plans to kill Nicodemus so that he can get the rats of NIMH to stay in the rose bush despite that Farmer Fitzgibbons wants to kill them for stealing. He even tries to steal the magical amulet that Nicodemus give to Mrs Brisby when we first met them. 

Jenner: And despite that I succeeded of killing Nicodemus, my plan to make sure the rats stay in the rose bush where we belong and get the locket to give me power would have worked if you fools, Mrs Brisby and Justin haven't intervened. 

Twilight Sparkle: Hey, the rats wants to live in Thorn Valley where they'II be safe from NIMH! If they stayed in the rose bush, they would've been exterminated! Your crime of murdering Nicodemus cannot go unpunished! 

Jenner: We'II just see about that once I pay you all back for defeating me. 

Connor Lacey: Why are you all here? 

Chakal: We're all here to team up with Linda to pay you all back for causing our deaths with your interference in our plans in life.

Linda Ryan/The Shredderette: And we find out from Sombra that Miguel's greatest fear is that his family will never accept his musical passion due to their hatred of music. (chuckles evilly)

Aisling: Well, wait till we prove you all wrong when Ernesto gives us his blessing to get back home and fulfill Miguel's dream of being a musician.

King Runeard: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

[Ernesto looks at Hector's photo then at Miguel and the Irelanders before folding it up and putting it in his pocket] 

Jiminy Cricket: Huh? 

Miguel: Papa Ernesto… my blessing?

[Ernesto looks at the petal he's still holding then crushes it to pieces] 

Ernesto: Security?

[The security guards run in again] 

Ernesto: Take care of Miguel and the Irelanders. They’ll be extending their stay.

Irelanders: What?! 

Miguel: What? [as the guards grab him and the Irelanders and drag them off] But I’m your family!

Ernesto: And Héctor was my best friend. Success doesn’t come for free, Miguel. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to… seize your moment. I know you understand.

Clayton: And to make sure that you don't escape, tie up the wings and hit them with the bell.

[The villains throw ropes and tied up Ono, Iago, Rainbow and Fluttershy's wings and use the Bewitching Bell to steal the ponies and Discord's magic] 

Ponies and Discord: (groaning)

[They flop down]

Connor Lacey: Nooo!

Phango: Now you will never able to go back to life ever again because by sunrise, you'II be exactly like Ernesto and everyone else here. (chuckles)

Miguel: No! No! Let go! No!

[The guards throw Miguel and the Irelanders into a large pit filled with water]

Miguel and Irelanders: [screaming]

[They land in the water and swim to the surface, gasping for air] 

Miguel: (gasping and panting) 

Irelanders: (gasping)

[They swim over to a patch of land nearby and drag themselves onto it]  

Miguel: Help! Can anyone hear me? I wanna go home!

Miles: Uh, Miguel, I don't think anyone can hear you. The guests already left. 

Aisling: Curse that Ernesto! I can't believe that he really did murder Hector for his songs. How could he?! 

Ron Stoppable: He trick us all and everyone else, alive and dead, making us think that he was the famous one all this time when it really should've been Hector! 

Rufus: Uh-huh. 

Mushu: That's just great! Now what? We're doomed and all because Miguel just has to bring us to a murderer! 

[Miguel drops to his knees and looks at his skeleton hands before hanging his head in sadness] 

Twilight Sparkle: Now what do we do? 

Fluttershy: Uh... panic? 

Rainbow Dash: That's your answer for everything! 

Applejack: Well, we can't just sit here forever. 

Pinkie Pie: We'II become dead ponies! 

Twilight Sparkle: We are turning into dead ponies! 

Pinkie Pie: Give us time. 

[Just then they hear a noise and see Hector walking out of a cave before collapsing to the ground] 

Miguel: Huh? H-Héctor?

Hector: Guys?

Miguel: Oh, Hector. [runs up to Hector and hugs him] You were right. I should have gone back to my family.

Hector: Hey, hey, hey.

Manolo: It's OK, Miguel. 

June: Please don't cry.

Miguel: They told me not to be like de la Cruz. But I didn’t listen.

Connor Lacey: Miguel, it's not your fault.

Miguel: But I told them I didn’t care if they remembered me. I didn’t care if was on the stupid ofrenda.

Hector: Hey, chamaco, it’s okay. It’s okay.

Miguel: I told them, I didn't care. (sighs) I was a fool to believe that Ernesto was my great-great grandpa. I should never have listened to my family back home. And I should've listened to you guys. It's my fault for getting you involved in this. I'm really sorry.

Jack Skellington: We all make mistakes, my boy, and that's how we learn. 

Mufasa: It turns out that Ernesto is just like Scar when he murdered me to take over my place a king of the Pride Lands. 

Violet Parr: I know, they both have a lot in common.

Iago: And we're gonna be stuck here for the rest of our afterlives thanks to you, Miguel! "A," we'II be long gone. "B," Ernesto was not a nice man, "C" is f or kamikaze and "D" is f or delusional, which is what you are in the head!

Miguel: I know that now. 

Iago: Face it. You're just a little boy in the land of the dead. What can you possibly do? What can anyone do? Why even try? 

Kion: Iago, you're not helping! 

Elsa: We just have to figure out how to get back up there and make Ernesto pay for what he did to Hector. Before sunrise that is. 

[Suddenly Hector pulses orange and collapses to the ground]

Hector: Huh! Oh!

Miguel: Héctor! Héctor?

Hector: She’s… forgetting me.

Miles: Who?

Hector: My daughter.

Miguel: She’s the reason you wanted to cross the bridge.

Hiro: So that's why you did all this.

Marinette/Ladybug: You wanted us to put your photo up so that you can be with your daughter again.

Hector: I just wanted to see her again. I never should have left Santa Cecilia. I wish I could apologize. I wish I could tell her that her Papa was trying to come home. That he loved her so much. My Coco.

[Everyone looks surprised upon hearing this]

Everyone: Coco? 

[Miguel takes the photo of Mama Imelda and Coco as a little girl from his coat and looks at it before giving it to Hector who looks surprised upon seeing it] 

Hector: Where? Where did you get this?

Miguel: That’s my Mama Coco. That’s my Mama Imelda. Is that… You?

Sunset Shimmer: Wait a minute. That could only mean..... 

[Hector looks up in realization]

Hector: We're...

Hector and Miguel: Family?

[They smile at each other]

Maria: Wait. So this means...

Joaquin: Hector, I think... you're Miguel's great-great grandpa. You've been right in front of us this whole time. We've just been looking in the wrong place for the wrong person. 

Hay Lin: The answer was right under our noses this whole time and we didn't even know it. 

Connor Lacey: Yeah. I can't believe it. 

[Hector looks at the girl Coco in the picture] 

Hector: I always hoped I’d see her again. That she’d miss me. Maybe put up my photo. But it never happened. You know the worst part? Even if I never got to see Coco in the living world… I thought at least one day, I’d see her here. Give her the biggest hug. But she’s the last person who remembers me. The moment she’s gone from the living world…

Miguel: You disappear. From this one.

Manolo: Once you're forgotten, you'll never get to see her. 

Hector: Ever again. You know… I wrote her a song once. We used to sing it every night. At the same time. No matter how far apart we were. What I wouldn’t give to sing it to her. One… last… time.

[Hector starts to sing Remember Me as a flashback of him and young Coco singing together starts playing] 

Hector: Remember me~

Though I have to say goodbye~

Remember me~

Don’t let it make you cry~

For even if I’m far away~

I hold you in my heart~

I sing a secret song to you~

Each night we are apart~

Remember me~

Coco: [giggles] Papa! 

Hector: Though I have to travel far~

Remember me~

Each time you hear a sad guitar~

Hector and Coco: Know that I’m with you~

The only way that I can be~

Until you’re in my arms again~


[As the flashback ends, Hector sings the final lyric alone]

Hector: Me~

Thorn: Wow, that was so passionate.

Dusk: Yeah. It was your song all along.

Miguel: He stole your guitar? He stole your songs?

Luna: He even stole your life! You should be the one the world remembers, not that monster of a skeleton!

Hector: I didn’t write "Remember Me" for the world. I wrote it for Coco. I’m a pretty sorry excuse for a great-great-grandpa.

Miguel: Are you kidding? A minute ago, I thought I was related to a murderer. You’re a total upgrade. My whole life… there’s been something that made me different. And I never knew where it came from. But now, I know. It comes from you!

Skully: Yeah. And we didn't even realize it until now.

Korra: Ernesto wanted fame and fortune, you wanted family. He took that away from you.

Mewtwo: And he must be the one responsible for Imelda to ban music in the first place.

Cruz Ramirez: She wasn't informed of your death so she didn't know Ernesto murdered you. 

Boots: That explains a lot. 

Miguel: I’m proud we’re family. I’m proud to be his family! Rrrr-aayy!

Hector: Haaa-ooei! Aaah-haha-ha-aayy! I’m proud to be his family! Haooo-whoo-hoo! 

[Silence ensues for a moment, but then a howling noise is heard causing everyone to look up]

Dash Parr: Did you hear that?

Cordelia: It's either me or that sounded like....

[Dante appears the edge of the hole above] 

Dante: (barking)

Miguel: Dante? Dante! It’s Dante! Haha!

Fuli: Way to sniff us out, boy! 

Dante: (barking) 

[Pepita lands next to Dante and roars, causing droplets of water to fall from stalactites above]  

Miguel: (laughing) 

Imelda: (laughs) 

Bright Mac: Oh, great. Not her again. 

Raven Queen: Well, right now, she can help get us out of this sinkhole.

Discord: Yeah since our magic and flying abilities are all inside that bell right now.

Hector: Imelda!

[Imelda looks at Hector and glares] 

Imelda: [bitterly] Hector.

Hector: You look good.

[Later, Pepita flies out of the sinkhole carrying Imelda, Miguel, Dante and the Irelanders on her back while Hector clings onto her tail for dear life]

Hector: [yelping] 

Spike: Thanks for helping us out, big cat thing.

Pepita: (roars)

Miguel: Dante! You knew he was my Papa Héctor the whole time! You are a real spirit guide. Who’s a good spirit guide? You are!

Aviva Corcovado: To think we thought he was a normal dog this whole time. 

[Then Dante looks at his paws which are starting to turn multi-coloured. He tries to bite it off but to no avail. Dante transforms into an Alebrije much to Miguel and the Irelanders' amazement] 

Miguel: Whoa. 

Irelanders: Wow.

[Dante then sprouts a pair of tiny wings]

Ziggy: Check it out. He's got wings.

Miguel: (laughs)

[Dante jumps off of Pepita to test his new wings but falls much to Miguel and the Irelanders' horror]

Miguel: Dante!

Annie: Oh, no! 

[They stare down at where Dante fell but then he rises up behind them and barks. He and Pepita fly around in a circle before moving on. Meanwhile, The Sanchezes, Oscar, Felipe, Julio, Victoria and Rosita are looking up hopefully at the sky before Pepita flies into view. Julio spots her]

Julio: There they are!

Rivera Family: [all exclaiming happily] 

[Pepita lands and Miguel and the Irelanders get off her back. Hector offers a hand to Imelda but she just gets off Pepita herself]

Imelda: (sighs)

[Dante lands on the ground as the Riveras huddle around Miguel all with relieved expressions on their faces]

Carmen: Manolo! Thank goodness you're okay. 

Manolo: I know, Mama. But right now, there's something we need to tell you. 

Imelda: Mijo, I was so worried. Thank goodness we found you and your friends in time. [to Hector] And you. How many times must I turn you away?

Hector: Imelda…

Imelda: I want nothing to do with you. Not in life, not in death. I spent decades protecting my family from your mistakes. He spend five minutes with you, and I have to fish him out of a sinkhole!

Connor Lacey: Now just hold on a minute.

Imelda: And you, how could you let this happen?

Connor Lacey: Hey, we didn't do anything..... 

Imelda: I told you this was none of your business. Yet you and your friends put him in danger.

Violet Parr: We did not! We were protecting him! And for the record, on our adventures, everything is our business! 

Imelda: Well my family was just fine before he came along. Because of him, I have to fish him out of a sinkhole!

Miguel: I wasn't in there because of Hector or Connor. They were in there because of me. They were just trying to get me home. I didn't want to listen, but they were right. Nothing is more important than family.

Will Vandom: Yeah, you just can't see that because you banished all music from your life. But you never knew the truth about why Hector was gone for so long. 

Miguel: I’m ready to accept your blessing. And your conditions. But first, we need to find de la Cruz. To get Héctor’s photo.

Imelda: What?

Miguel: So he can see Coco again. Héctor should be on our ofrenda. He’s part of our family.

Imelda: He left this family.

Miguel: He tried to go home to you and Coco. But de la Cruz murdered him.

[Imelda looked shocked upon now knowing the truth] 

Sanchezes: He did what?!

Hector: It's true, guys. 

Imelda: And so what if it’s true? You leave me alone with a child to raise, and I’m just supposed to forgive you?

Hector: Imelda, I...

[Suddenly, Hector pulses orange again and collapses as Miguel and the Irelanders rush over to help]

Miguel: Hector?

Imelda: [gasps] 

Hector: I’m running out of time. It’s Coco.

Imelda: She’s forgetting you.

[Miguel and the Irelanders help Hector back to his feet]

Connor Lacey: You don’t have to forgive him. But we shouldn’t forget him.

Mufasa: I told you to take our words into consideration. But you haven't. I'm very disappointed in you. 

[Everyone looks sorry for poor Hector] 

Melody: Imelda, please. If we don't hurry, Hector will never get to see Coco again and will fade from existence forever. 

Imelda: I wanted to forget you. I wanted Coco to forget you too, but…

Hector: This is my fault. Not yours. I’m sorry, Imelda.

[Imelda stays silent for a moment then finally gives in] 

Imelda: Miguel… Irelanders... If we help you get his photo… you will return home. No more music.

Miguel: Family comes first.

Maria: We understand, Imelda. 

[Imelda stares then looks down]

Imelda: I… I can’t forgive you. But I will help you. So how do we get to de la Cruz and your enemies?

Miguel: I might know a way.

[Later, everyone is gathered at the stadium from Ernesto's sunrise spectacular as an orchestra plays. It finishes and the papaya appears, along with fake flames on screens. The Frida dancers emerge from the papaya and start dancing as our heroes, all in Frida outfits slip by unnoticed. Giant eyebrows appears and Frida's eyes and the monkey alebrije appear on screen. Our heroes pass Frida backstage]

Frida: Good luck, muchacho and friends.

Miguel: Gracias, Frida.

[The heroes get their costumes off. Miguel takes his fake unibrow off his forehead]

Miguel: Ah!

Oscar: (as Dante slips out from his skirt) Ah!

Dante: (whimpers)

Imelda: (grunts)

Hector: Here, let me help you with…

Imelda: Don’t touch me. [rips the skirt off] 

[They huddle up] 

Miguel: Everyone clear on the plan?

Victoria: Find Héctor’s photo.

Julio: Give it to Miguel.

Imelda: Send Miguel home.

Hector: Got your petals?

Dante: (barks)

[The heroes run down a corridor]

Imelda: Now, we just have to find de la Cruz.

[Ernesto and the villains appears next to her] 

Ernesto: Yes?

Imelda: Ah!

[The others hide against the wall] 

Linda Ryan/The Shredderette: Who are you and how did you get in here? 

Ernesto: Linda, please, that's not how we greet backstage people. [to Imelda] Don’t I know you?

[Imelda takes off her boot and hits Ernesto with it, causing his head to spin around until he catches with his hands, stopping it] 

Imelda: That’s for murdering the love of my life!

Ernesto: Who the?

Hector: [comes out] She’s talking about me. I’m the love of your life?

Imelda: I don’t know, I’m still angry at you.

Ernesto: Héctor? How did you…

[Imelda hits him with her boot again]

Imelda: And that’s for trying to, murder my grandson and his friends!

Jenner: Grandson? 

Miguel: [comes out] She’s talking about me.

Ernesto: You! Wait. You’re related to Héctor?

Miguel: The photo!

[The others reveal themselves] 

Ernesto: Eh…

Janja: Come on, fur brains, let's scram!

[Ernesto and the villains make a run for it] 

Imelda: After them!

[The heroes chase Ernesto and the villains as they push past actors wearing giant Ernesto heads]

Actors: [yelping]

Ernesto: Security, ayudanus.

[They run past the guards who are drinking coffee] 

Hector: You said love of your life?

Imelda: I don’t know what I said.

Miguel: That’s what I heard.

Bunga: Yeah. You two are so getting back together.

[The guards block their path]

Julio: Hi-yah!

[He kicks a guard, knocking him over. Oscar and Felipe are surrounded by more guards but look at each other. Oscar takes Felipe's arms off and uses them as nun-chucks to hit the guards while Felipe uses his head. Imelda, Rosita, Miguel, Hector and the Irelanders are blocked by two more guards] 

Skeleton man: Places, senor. You’re on in 30 seconds.

[Ernesto pushes past him and tries to open the door but Imelda grabs him and they fight. She grabs the photo but Ernesto grabs her arm. Seeing Imelda's in trouble, Miguel runs over and knocks Ernesto down. Imelda lands on the ground still holding the photo] 

Imelda: Miguel, I have it!

Miguel: [sees Ernesto getting up] Oh!

[Miguel runs off with two guards on his tail. Imelda suddenly rises up on a platform. Seeing his chance to get the photo back, Ernesto runs up some stairs. A guard grabs Miguel but Dante flies into view and snatches the guard's head off his body, allowing Miguel and the others to follow Ernesto and the villains] 

Miguel: Hurry, come on!

[Oscar and Felipe stay behind to deal with two more guards. Imelda continues to rise to the stage] 

Announcer: Ladies and gentleman! The one. The only. Ernesto de la Cruz!

Everyone: (cheering)

[A camera man turns his camera to reveal Imelda on the screens] 

Ernesto: Get her off the stage!

Reirei: You heard him! And grab the photo while you're at it. 

[Miguel and the others arrive. Imelda sees the guards coming and tries to get away but almost knocks the microphone over in the process] 

Imelda: (gasps)

Miguel: Sing! Sing!

[Imelda sees the guards making their way up the stairs and begins to sing]

Imelda: Ay de m, Llorona~

Llorona de azul~


Ay de m, Llorona~

Llorona de azul~


Y aunque la vida me cueste, Llorona~

No dejar de quererte~

No dejar de quererte~

Me sub~

Al pino ms alto, Llorona~

A ver Si Te divisaba~

Como El pino era tierno, Llorona~

Al verme llorar, lloraba~

Ay de m, Llorona, Llorona~

Llorona de azul~


Ay de m, Llorona, Llorona~

Llorona de azul Celeste~

Y aunque la vida me cueste, Llorona~

No dejar de quererte~

Y aunque la vida me cueste~

[Ernesto grabs her arm and they start dance fighting over the photo]

Ernesto and Imelda: Ay de mí llorona, llorona,~
llorona de azul celeste~ Y aunque la vida me cueste, llorona,~
no dejaré de quererte~

Imelda: Let go of me!

Ernesto: Llorona~

No dejar de quererte~

No dejar de quererte~

No dejar de quererte~

Ay, ay, ay!~

[Imelda steps on Ernesto's foot and grabs the photo from him before running off]

Ernesto: [yelps in pain] 

Crowd: (cheering) 

[Backstage: Imelda runs up to Hector, and gives him a romantic hug, while laughing happily. Imelda looks up at her husband, and both skeletons pull away from each other, while Imelda and Hector blushed]

Imelda: (blushing) I forgot what that felt like...

Hector: (blushing) You... still got it...

Connor Lacey: See, Imelda? Music isn't a curse like you think.  

The Mask: Yeah. It makes everyone feel closer and happier. 

Melody: And if my grandfather can allow music again, so can you. 

Oogway: Connor, there is the real reason why I chose Po to be The Dragon Warrior. 

Connor Lacey: And what's that Master Oogway?

Oogway: On the first day we met, I saw the future of kung fu. [flashes back to Oogway choosing Po as the Dragon Warrior] And the past. [flashes back to ancient panda chi masters] I saw the panda who could unite them both. That is why I chose Po, Connor. Both sides of the Yin and Yang. And my true successor. Thanks to you and your friends, he had finally became the panda he was always meant to be.

Aviva Corcovado: No wonder he was so special. I thought it was for protecting the Valley of Peace from bad guys. 

Kion: I guess there's more to the reason than we thought. 

Oogway: Yes. I thought I might as well tell you since you need to know the truth about why I chose Po to be the Dragon Warrior. 

Twilight Sparkle: And we're very grateful for that, Master Oogway. 

Miguel: (clears throat) 

Imelda: Miguel. I give you and your friends my blessing... to go home... to put up our photos... and to never...

Miguel: Never play music again.

Imelda: To never forget how much your family loves you.

Manolo: That's more like it. 

Applejack: We're sure gonna miss y'all. Especially you, mom and dad. 

Bright Mac: We'll be fine, Apple pip.

Pear Butter: Look after the farm, the rest of your family and Apple Bloom and let her be independent, okay?

Applejack: I will. 

[They hugged. Kion and Mufasa nuzzles] 

Kion: I'll be sure to tell my father about seeing you, grandfather. 

Mufasa: I'm sure you will, Kion and don't you worry. You'II find a way to defeat Scar sooner or later. 

Carmen: Take care of yourself, Maria and Joaquin, mijo. 

Manolo: I will, Mama. Thank you all so much. 

Hector: You and your friends are going home.

[Miguel smiles and reaches for the petal when Ernesto grabs him by the scruff of his jumper and yanks him away]

Ernesto: You and your friends are not going anywhere!

Kim Possible: It's Ernesto and our enemies!

[Imelda lunges but Ernesto pushes her to the ground] 

Hector: Imelda!

Ernesto: Stay back! Stay back! All of you, stay back! Not one more step.

Dante: (barking)

Miguel: Dante!

[Dante tries to drag Miguel away from Ernesto only for Ernesto to throw Miguel to the ground]

Linda Ryan/The Shredderette: You've intervened for the last time, you impulsive child!

Hector: Ernesto, villains, stop! (pulses orange again and collapses) Leave the boy and his friends alone!

Ernesto: I’ve worked too hard, Héctor. Too hard to let them destroy everything.

Hector: They're living people, Ernesto! 

[Rosita moves a camera, Victoria press #3 button secretly]

Ernesto: (as he appears on the screens in front of the audience) They are a THREAT!! You think we’d let them go back to the Land of the Living with your photo? To keep your memory ALIVE?! No.

Violet Parr: See?! That's your problem! All you want is fame and fortune! 

Miguel: Yeah. You’re a coward!

Ernesto: I am Ernesto de la Cruz, the greatest musician of ALL TIME!!

Manolo: That's a lie! Héctor’s the real musician! He's the one who should be praised by people all over Mexico, not you!

Miguel: He's right! You're just a guy who murdered him and stole his songs!

(The crowd gasps)

Crowd member: Murdered?

Connor Lacey: You're just a liar, a murderer, a fraud, and a thief! Hector got homesick and wanted to go back home to see his family again, but you refused to let him go and you murdered him! Not to mention making Miguel's family believe he abandoned them! Their hatred towards music was all because of you!

Aisling: You're the one who cursed the entire Rivera family!

Ernesto: I am the one who’s willing to do what it takes to seize MY MOMENT… whatever it takes! [tosses Miguel over the building]

Miguel: [screaming] 

Hector: No!

Connor Lacey: Miguel!

Rainbow Dash: I'II get him! (flies down)

[The crowd watch in horror as they begin to see the true Ernesto from the screens]

Imelda: Miguel!

Oscar: Miguel!

Chakal: That will teach them.

Ernesto: Apologies, old friend. But the show must go on.

[He walks away. Miguel continues to plummet as Rainbow dives after him]

Miguel: [screaming] 

Rainbow Dash: Miguel, hang on!

Dante: (barking)

[Dante grabs Miguel by his vest but Miguel loses the photo in the process, causing Dante to let go]

Rainbow Dash: No! 

Miguel: [screaming]

[Luckily, Pepita catches Miguel just in time and flies back up the tower while Miguel watches sadly as the photo disappears beneath the water. On the stage, Ernesto straights his hair and heads out onto the stage only to receive booing from the audience]

Hawk Moth: What's going on? Why are they not applauding?

Ernesto: [laughs nervously] Please, please, mi familia!

Male Crowd: MURDERER!!

Female Crowd: GET OFF THE STAGE!!

Lord Shen: Don't just stand there, Ernesto. Do something!

Ernesto: Orchestra, a-1, a-2, a-1…

[The conductor breaks his baton in disgust] 

Chakal: Now what? 

King Runeard: Try singing Remember Me, Ernesto! That should work! 

Ernesto: ♪ Remember me ♪ Though I have to s- ♪ (a tomato is thrown into his jacket) HEY!!

[The audience continue to boo while throwing food at Ernesto]

Female Crowd member: Look!

[Pepita appears on the screen and lands next to the Riveras with Rainbow and Dante following her. The villains saw that they've been exposed all this time] 

Spike: Busted! Now go get em, Pepita.

[Pepita makes her way on stage and approaches the villains, growling and roaring at them] 

Pepita: (growling) 

Ernesto: Nice kitty.

Pepita: (roaring)

Connor Lacey: She doesn't take kindly to a dishonest man like you, Ernesto. In fact, if it weren't for Pepita here, Miguel would've been smushed on the ground like you wanted. (to Pepita) Get him out of our sight.

[Pepita grabs Ernesto by the waiste and drags him into the air] 

Ernesto: Ah! Put me down! Please! I’m begging you! Stop, stop! Aaah! Aah! Aaah! Oooh! Oh! No! Aaah!

[Pepita kicks Ernesto into a large bell in the distance. He smacks into it but as he picks himself up, the bell falls on top of him, crushing him again. The crowd cheers]

Chungu: Whoa. She sure throw him good.

Janja: Oh, I'm not waiting around for her to throw me.

Reirei: Me nether.

Linda Ryan/The Shredderette: You may have won this time, stepson. But the next time we meet, you won't be so lucky.

Phango: And once we come back to life, you won't even stand a chance.

King Sombra: You may have won the battle, but we shall win the war!

Connor Lacey: I don't think so, Sombra. Cause where there is darkness, light won't be far behind. 

Phango: We shall see. 

[They retreated] 

Skeleton Man: What did I miss?

[Back with the Irelanders and the Riveras] 

Miguel: Good boy, Dante.

Imelda: Miguel!

[Miguel and Mama Imelda hug each other]

Connor Lacey: We did it!

Irelanders: [cheering] 

Razer: That will serve Ernesto right for murdering Hector and taking what was rightfully his. 

Fuli: Uh, guys. I hate to break up the celebration but I don't think Hector has much time left. 

Dizzy: Fuli's right, fellas. Now's not the time for it. Look. 

[Hector pulses orange again and collapses. Miguel and the Irelanders run over to him]

Miguel: Oh! Héctor! The photo, I lost it.

Hector: It’s okay, mijo. It’s…

[Hector pulses orange again and falls to the ground] 

Miguel: Héctor! Héctor?

Hector: Coco.

Twilight Sparkle: Guys, we're running out of time! We have to go now!

Miguel: Twilight, no, we can still find the photo.

Imelda: Miguel, Twilight has a point, it’s almost sunrise.

[Miguel sees the sun rising in the distance and his face starts to become a skull]

Miguel: No, no, no. I can’t leave you. I promised I put your photo up. I promised you’d see Coco.

Manolo: Miguel, there is no time for that. We'll find another way. Now let's go.

Hector: Manolo's right. We’re both out of time, mijo.

[Hector pulses orange again]

Miguel: No! No! She can’t forget you.

Hector: I just wanted her to know… that I loved her.

[Hector pulses orange again as he holds up the petal]

Miguel: Héctor!

Hector: You and your friends have our blessing, Miguel.

Imelda: No conditions.

[Imelda moves the petal toward Miguel]

Miguel: No, Papa Héctor. Please!

[Everyone watches in sadness]

Dante: (whimpers)

Miguel: No.

Paxton: (getting rusted) We can't stay any longer, Miguel. We have to go now! 

Miguel: (panting) 

Hector: Go home. 

[Hector pulses orange again] 

Miguel: I promise! I-I won’t let Coco forget you!

[Imelda pushes the petal to Miguel's chest and he and the Irelanders disperse into marigold petals. Moments later, they lay unconscious on the floor of Ernesto's shrine. They slowly pick themselves up] 

Capper: Where are we? 

Kim Possible: We're back in Ernesto's shrine, obviously. The blessing worked. 

Iago: Yes! We're alive again! We're alive, we're alive! (laughs) 

Maria: Yes, we are alive but we've still gotta find a way for Coco to remember Hector before it's too late. 

Mushu: How are we gonna do that? 

[Cri-Kee chirrups and points to the guitar] 

Thorn: That's it! If we play Hector's song for her, she's sure to remember. Come on! 

Miguel: (gasps) 

[Miguel grabs Hector's guitar and they run out of the shrine. They run through the plaza and round a corner, heading to the shoe shop. Tio Berto and Abel are fast asleep on a bench nearby when Berto wakes up and spots them] 

Berto: There they are! 

[Miguel and the Irelanders pass Enrique who sees them] 

Enrique: Miguel, Irelanders, stop! 

[Miguel and the Irelanders run into the courtyard and to Mama Coco's room only to run into Abuelita Elena who blocks their path] 

Abuelita: Where have you been?

Miguel: Ah! We need to see Mama Coco, please!

Abuelita: [gasps] What are you doing with that? Give it to me! Miguel, stop. Miguel! Miguel? Miguel!

[Miguel and the Irelanders hurry into Mama Coco's room and shut the door. They see Mama Coco and go over to her] 

Miguel: Mama Coco? Can you hear us? It’s Miguel and the Irelanders. We-we saw your Papa! Remember? Papa? Please. If you forget him. He’ll be gone. Forever. Here. This was his guitar, right? He used to play it to you? See, there he is. Papa, remember? Papa?

[Mama Coco looks at the photo but still fails to remember]

Jade Chan: It's not working. We've gotta keep trying. 

Abuelita: Miguel! 

Miguel: Mama Coco, please. Don’t forget him.

[Miguel and the Irelanders look upset as they feel as if they've failed. The rest of the Rivera family come in] 

Abuelita: What are you doing to that poor woman? It’s okay, mother.

Enrique: What’s gotten into you? I thought I lost you, Miguel.

Miguel: (starting to cry and hugs his father) I’m sorry, Papa.

Luisa: We’re all together now. That’s what matters.

Miguel: Not all of us.

Abuelita: It’s okay, Mamita. Miguel, you apologize to your Mama Coco.

[Miguel wipes his tears away and approaches Mama Coco] 

Miguel: Mama Coco…

[He then looks at the guitar and remembers his promise to Hector] 

Abuelita: Well, apologize.

Raph: Don't put pressure on him! You've done enough damage to Miguel as it is! 

Kim Possible: Yeah! Don't you think he suffered enough with your music ban?!

[Miguel goes to the side of Mama Coco and kneels down]

Miguel: Mama Coco… Your Papa… [picks up the guitar] He wanted you to have this.

[Miguel starts to strum the guitar with Manolo joining in. Elena makes to grab the guitar but Enrique stops her by grabbing her shoulder] 

Enrique: Mama… wait…

Miguel and Manolo: Remember me~

Though I have to say goodbye~

Remember me~

Don’t let it make you cry~

For even if I’m far away~

Luisa: Look!

[As the two boys continue to sing, Mama Coco's memory of Hector starts to return as the Riveras watch amazed and touched by the song]

I hold you in my heart~

I sing a secret song to you each night we are apart~

Remember me~

Though I have to travel far~

Miguel, Manaolo and Coco: Remember me~

Each time you hear a sad guitar~

Know that I’m with you~

The only way that I can be~

Until you’re in my arms again~

Remember Me~

[The Irelanders and Miguel smile happy that they've saved Coco's memory of Hector at last. Coco hears Elena sniffing and looks at her] 

Coco: Elena? What’s wrong, mija?

Abuelita Elena: Nothing, Mama. Nothing at all.

April O'Neil: (sniffs) Like that was the most beautiful song I've ever heard!

Spike: [wiping a tear with a claw] No kidding. 

Manolo: Coco, did that song sound familiar to you? 

Mama Coco: My Papa used to sing me that song.

Miguel: He loved you, Mama Coco. Your Papa loved you so much.

Fuli: He wanted us to put up his photo so he could see you again. 

Connor Lacey: Your papa was a great man, Coco. 

[Coco puts a comforting hand on Miguel's cheek then opens a drawer. She fumbles around inside and pulls out a book full of letters from Hector]

Coco: I kept his letters. Poems he wrote me. And…

[She hands Miguel a torn off piece of the photo of Mama Imelda, Coco and Hector which Miguel connects with the photo finally completing it] 

Coco: Papa was a musician. When I was a little girl… He and Mama would sing such beautiful songs.

[Miguel hugs Mama Coco. We then cut to the cemetery one year later and view Ernesto's shrine which now has the sign Forget You on it. We then view tourists at the shoeshop taking photos of Hector's guitar and letters]

Tour Guide: And right over here, one of Santa Cecilia’s greatest treasures. The home of the esteemed songwriter, Héctor Rivera. The letters Héctor wrote home for his daughter, Coco contain the lyrics for all of your favorite songs. Not just "Remember Me."

[Rosa puts up flags as Abel's brother run by passing Miguel showing his baby sister Socorro his family's offrenda photos] 

Miguel: And that man is your Papa Julio. And there’s Tía Rosita. And your Tía Victoria. And those two are Oscar and Felipe. There aren’t just old pictures, they’re our family. And they’re counting on us to remember them. (holding his baby sister, Socorro)

[Abuelita comes in and sadly puts Mama Coco's photo on the offrenda. Miguel hugs her and they look at the photos of Coco and Hector as the scene changes to the Land of the Dead where Hector is revealed to still be remembered ready to cross over the bridge with the Sanchezes watching] 

Woman: Next.

[Hector stands in front of the scanner and smiles. He waits then his photo appears on the screen] 

Woman: Enjoy your visit, Héctor.

Hector: (sighs in relief)

[Hector puts his hat on as he joins Imelda and the Sanchezes as Imelda and he share a kiss] 

Coco: Papa! 

Hector: Coco!

[Hector kisses Coco multiple times as they share a hug before they, Imelda and the Sanchezes cross over the marigold petal bridge together. They join the other Riveras while Pepita and Dante play happily together in the sky. In the Land of the Living, Dante becomes a normal dog again followed by Pepita who is now a cat. They run into the shoe shop courtyard where festivities for the Day of the Dead are underway. We view Miguel in a mariachi outfit playing with Rosa and Abel] 

Miguel: ♪Ay mi familia Oiga mi gente Canten a coro Let it be known Our love for each other Will live on forever In every beat Of my proud corazon

[The dead Riveras join in watching Miguel playing his guitar. Hector grabs a transparent copy of it and joins in the melody as the living Riveras hold Miguel in the air. The camera pans up to a flag with the words The End in it. The screen fades to black before showing Connor, Miguel and the Rivera, both living and dead, outside Santa Cecilia] 

Connor Lacey: Well, folks, that's all for now but stay tuned as we join the Power Rangers for further adventures in "The Irelanders' Super Adventures of Power Rangers Beast Morphers" which is coming up next. 

Miguel: See you there, amigos! 

[They wave as the screen fades to black] 

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