Here is how The Mane 6 and their families arrived goes in Celestia, Indy and Anna.

Later, The Mane 6 and their families arrived.

Twilight Sparkle: Hello, Princess Celestia.

Rarity: I hope we're not late.

Princess Celestia: Not late at all.

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (happy gurgling)

Princess Celestia: I can tell that the twins are excited for Yuna too.

Princess Yuna: Hello, Everypony!

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: Hi, Yuna!

Princess Twila: Great to see you!

Emerald: How're you doing?

Princess Yuna: Great.

Golden Apple: I'm glad to have a fun time celebrating your role of ruling Skylands.

Brownie: Me too!

Red Beret: Do we all, Brother.

Thunder Spectrum: Yeah!

Blue Star: And there's Indy and Anna!

Sunbeam: Aren't they cute?

Dragonsly: They sure are.

Arachna: Congratulations, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Thank you, Arachna.

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (fussing over their mommy)

Princess Celestia: It's okay, My little ponies. Mommy's here. Sharon!?

Princess Sharon: Yeah?

Princess Celestia: I could use your help with the twins. You don't mind, Do you?

Princess Sharon: Not at all, Mother.