Thomas & Friends meet the Incredibles is a new Thomas and Friends Adventures film.


Thomas and his friends travel to the world of the Incredibles.


  • The storyline continues in Thomas & Friends meet the Incredibles 2.
  • Thomas and friends will gain their own superpowers in this film, and will use them to help Violet, Jack-Jack, and Dash in the second film.


Narrator: It was a bright and busy day on Sodor. Thomas the tank engine was reading a comic about his favorite superheroes, the Incredibles.

Thomas: [reading "And so, with Syndrome gone, and the city of Metroville in safe hands, the world was saved once again. Thanks to the Incredibles!". Whoa.

[Gordon arrives]

Gordon: Reading about those Incredibles again, are you, Thomas?

Thomas: Yes, I am, Gordon. They're the best superhero team ever.