Thomas and the Tank Engine meets Red Smoke is a new film to be made by Nighlocktheawesome.


Thomas, his friends, Starlight, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord travel to America where they meet mutant teleporter, Amy Biskit. Together, they fight to protect the city of Starling from threats as Amy begins her origin story of becoming the wielder of red smoke.


The film kicks off with a young Amy Biskit and her mother going to buy stuff for Mr. Biskit's birthday. Young Amy admits what happens when there is no one to watch his back, since he is always under threat from being expulsed. She explains that they will fight for him till the bitter end, despite his objections. Later, Amy finds her mother has been mugged by a criminal who steals her purse. Amy holds her mother in her arms as she dies. 3 days later, she is jogging when she is told that her father had fallen sick. She cries in her mother's studies, while the camera shows the audience two sai crossed like an X.

3 years later, Amy is now the secretary and her father's right hand (since they know of the Biskit Twins' many bad deeds). They meet Thomas the Tank Engine, Percy, Edward, Starlight, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord. Her father allows them to go see Oliver Queen, mainly because Amy wants to chew him out for bringing Sarah Lance with him when the Queen's Gambit sunk. Later, they meet Amy's uncle, Slade Wilson.

Later that day, while Amy and Slade are spending time her mother's study. She admits she has always noticed that sai actually looked like they were used in modern times in combat. Slade, impressed with his niece's intellect shows her Mrs. Biskit's hideout, something her fath was aware of. Her father, in an attempt to protect her, forbade her from being trained, but Slade admits he has come no closer to finding her mother's killer, and is in desperate need of Amy's help.

Over the next few days, Amy trains to become a ninja. Slade teaches her to harness her extreme sight, knowing it could be used to spot a target from far away. He then teaches her to use her Vibranium katana first, then to use her sai. She then trains how to operate in her ninja outfit, both in broad daylight,