This is where Tinkerputt returns in Stardust: The Wish Creator.

[Then we see machines came out and captured Stardust!]


Spongebob: AAH!!

[then as Stardust's lifted out a force-field covers the hole]

Tinkerputt: Surprise to see me?

Marry: Father, stop it!

Rainbow: Hold on, Stardust! I'm coming! [she flies up but smacks into the force-field]

Tinkerputt: [laughs] Nice try! Now, it's show time!

[he places Stardust in the machine and starts it up] Let's do this!

Stardust: [his true eye starts to absorb the comet's energy]

[the Dazzlings then appear]

Sonata Dusk: Do you guys see that?

Aria Blaze: The magician.

Adagio Dazzle: We're getting close.

[Then the beam goes back down]

[and then the machine begins carving a drawing int the dirt]

Tinkerputt: Now Team Dragon will regret they ever doubted me!

[back in the cave, the others are trying to get out]

Mako: [grabs a huge log] Maybe this'll work! [throws the log but it bounces back]

Eddy: Hello! [the log flies into his mouth] MMM!!!

Mako: Or not.

Blythe: We need something harder!

Lucario: [comes in and uses aura sphere]

Little Bear: Lucario!

Twilight: We're free!

Salamence: [Flies in] ROAR!!!!!!

Cat: It's Salamence!

James: I think he's come to help us!

Edd: Can you get us up there?

Salamence: [bends down]

Brina: Let's go! [hops on]

Vinny: [hop on behind Brian]

[The Crusaders hop on]

Apple Bloom: Head fer' the machine!

[Salamence takes off]

Rheneas: They can't take on Tinkerputt, alone.

Princess Celestia: I've got it! [she lights up her horn and then some of our heroes' planes appear]

Ben: Alright!

Bill: Now we're talkin'!

[They hop in and fly off]

Amy: They'll need more help.

Cody: I've got it! It's gonna take some imagination. Right, Barney?

Barney: Uh??? yes!

[Cody then gets on a log]

Abby: Cody, did you really say: "Imagination"?

Cody: Yeah. It's been kind of an unusual week, okay? Now, I think you should all climb aboard. Our friends need us.

Amy: Okay, all abroad the log.

Marcela: Okay.

Barney: Okay.

[they all board the log]

Cody: We're gonna pretend this is the fastest, coolest airplane in the whole world.

Barney: Oh boy.

Marcela: You think a log can fly?

Cody: We gotta try! We have to save Stardust!

Amy: Okay, I will.

Marcela: Here goes.

Barney: Prepared for takeoff, Captain!

Amy: Make believe, make believe.

Marcela: Flying with the wind in our hair.

Cody: Flying should it be easy. It's kids' stuff!

[the log inches forward]

Cody: Come on!

Amy: Faster!

[and more]

Marcela: We can do this, we can!

[and more]

Barney: [to the audience] I think we need your help. I'd like you to pretend we can really fly. Let's all do it together. Ready? 1...2...3...Now!

[the log then speeds forward]

Amy: It's working!

Barney: [to the audience] Thank you!

[they are now flying in the sky]

Tinkerputt: Yes! Almost complete!

[Our heroes fly in]

Tinkerputt: [sends out his Charizard] Charizard, get rid of them!

Charizard: ROAR!!!!!!!! [uses flamethrower]

Salamence: [uses hyper beam several times]

Tinkerputt: Charizard!

[Charizard then flies down and Tinkerputt hops on]

[they are now flying around]

Scootaloo: Incoming fire at 11:00!

[Salamence avoids it]

Brian: Stop it, quickly!

Apple Bloom: You got it!

[the Salamence drops the CMC off at the machine and then takes off again]

Scootaloo: We need to stop this thing!

Sweetie Belle: I'll give it a try! My magic may not be advanced but I must try! [she strains and then soon enough she fires a blast from her horn!] Whoa!

Button Mash: Wow! That was amazing!

[they then catch Stardust]

Babs Seed: Stardust, you alright?

Stardust: [awakes]

[then The Salamence returns]

Vinny: Guys!

Brian: Nice work! Come on!

[they hop on as Tinkerputt stops and looks at the drawing in the ground]

Apple Bloom: Stardust, please say somethin'!

Stardust: Apple Bloom!

Sweetie Belle: You're okay!

[the Salamence then lands]

Rarity: Stardust!

Sweetie Belle: He's fine.

Rarity: Same with you?

Sweetie Belle: [nods]

Rarity: [hugs Sweetie Belle] I was so worried, about you!

Sweetie Belle: I'm alright, Rarity. Really!

[then a rumbling is heard]