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Join Tino Tonitini and his team on their exciting journey around magical places, cities, planets, and other stuff as they face the villains, and meet the new members of their team

Currently Available on Google Drive/Dropbox/Pandora.tv

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To Be Made by Sonic876

To Be Made by 76859Thomas

To Be Made by LegoKyle14

To Be Made by Frogaddier55

To Be Made by Punkasaurus0530

To Be Made by DragonSpore18

To be Made by RatiganRules

To Be Made by supernexochannel

To Be Made by Lukegregory448


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  • The Series is take place after Winnie the Pooh Goes to Wonder Park.
  • No guns will appear in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films [due to Hiatt Grey's hateness of alternative stuff in the Middle Earth films].
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