Ursula the Sea Witch

Ursula (Voiced by Pat Carrol) is a wicked sea witch who is the main villain in Pooh's Adventures of The Little Mermaid. In the film, she plans to be queen of the ocean and planned on using Ariel to become human for three days so she can have Prince Eric. On the second day, she tips the scale by changing herself into a woman named Vannessa and use Ariel's voice and put a spell on Eric to make him think she is the one who saved him. On the third day, Ariel and Pooh and his friends found out about her plan and they stalled the Wedding and Ursula's shell locket that holds Ariel's voice broke and Ariel got her voice back. Before Ariel could kiss Prince Eric, The sun went down and Ariel turned back into a mermaid was now in Ursula's tentacles. King Triton came to the rescue and took Ariel's place for saving his daughter. Now Ursula begin to rule the seas but Eric stopped her by killing her with a sunken ship and save the ocean, Ariel and King Trition.