Von Ness

Von Ness is Von Nebula's heroic counterpart. He is from an alternate timeline where he and Von Nebula are two different beings.


Von Ness was on a mission answering a routine burglary call with Stormer and Thresher when they noticed a hulking Drone bombing New Stellac City. They fired at it to draw its attention then Thresher went to confront the Drone but was badly injured. Stormer grabbed and carried his wounded leader back to their dropship where he tells Von Ness that it's up to them to stop the Drone before it hurt any civilians. Von Ness told him they couldn't and had to wait for back-up. Stormer told him it could be too late by then which Von Ness responded he didn't care and told him he was staying where he was. After glaring at each other for a moment, Stormer told Von Ness to cover Thresher while he drew the Drone away from him. Von Ness did as he was told as Stormer went to take on the Drone. Von Ness then thought about what he said and decided to help Stormer fight the Drone. The two were able to bring down the Drone by crippling it by knocking out the Drone's visual scanners and cross circuiting the power cores. The duo became heroes for saving New Stellac City and honored as the Drone was turned into a statue. Later on, Von Ness was upgraded to take on Fire Lord and his Fire Villains. However, when he reached the place that was being attacked, Von Ness was attacked and taken back to Hero Factory ????


  • Unlike the original Von Ness/Von Nebula, Von Ness is less self-centered and is willing to do whatever Stormer says.
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